By this time, I am sure you have the basic marketing strategies for your first retreat. I am sure you have picked a location, a specific date, and you now have ways to engage with your consumers.

Yoga Retreat Marketing Tips

Here are 10 tips on how you can sell out your first yoga retreat.

1.   Have a website

A website will help you have all the information that will help your audience reach you and engage more. Create a landing page that sells. You can go further and create an event on social media sites like Facebook.

When creating a landing page on your website, use the language that your market understands. Research the competition, know what they are doing better than you, then come up with the best of all. Be creative. It will help you increase your conversion rate. Sell something unique that your market needs.

2.   Partnerships

There are lots of promotions and affiliate programs in the Yoga Retreat market.

You can also create co-branded opportunities to compete in the market.

A good way is to develop unique promo codes and pay affiliate marketers for their efforts.

Another good way is to partner with charity organizations. They will expand your market penetration and get more customers.

3.   Advertise

A preferred method of advertising will rely on your retreat size and the location of the event. You can use traditional print advertising if you plan on having the yoga retreat within the area. For events where you target clients in large area sizes, you can go online with the advertising.

4.   Social Media

Who does not like viewing and searching for photos and videos on social media? Post your yoga retreat photos on social media and remember to link them to your event page.

Another way that has proven to work is by using hashtags to promote your event. Have a tweeter account to share information and engaging with your customers more often.

Create campaigns promoting early bird pricing, speakers that are booked, and announcing new partners.

5.   Have a business email

If you have a small email list, use your affiliate programs to expand it. Many email advertisers can help you expand.

Send emails to your customers at least a month, informing them of the upcoming events. You can also use the email to send special announcements.

6.   Public Relations

Find an expert PR person that will help you promote your brand in the public eye. He will be responsible for creating relevant content to feed your yoga retreat event. Post the articles on relevant blogs to promote your marketing campaign.

7.   Guerilla Marketing

Use traditional posters for marketing your Yoga event. Print out flyers and put them in local stores.

8.   Find some Brand Ambassadors

Turn your friends and colleagues into your brand ambassadors. They will bring business to you.

9.   Yoga Teachers

Involve Yoga teachers and their studios. They normally attract clients to Yoga retreats. They are what people would wish to see in the event.

10.                Delegate

Have a team that is tirelessly working to promote your Yoga retreats. They will be communicating with the market.

Lastly, you have just started your yoga retreat business. I hope that these tips help you get a desired portion in the market and win customers. Let them bring much success to your business.


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