Why Sensibility Is Your Superpower

Sensibility is a superpower, here are eight reasons why

Navigating the world for a sensible person can be tough as it is challenging to give opinions without worrying about the outcome and how it will impact others. Most people hide their sensibility beneath a mask without realizing that being sensible is a huge gift. It is our subtler feelings that inform us of our decisions, empower us to find solutions to complex problems, and help us read people better. Here are the reasons why sensibility is a superpower.

1. Ability to pick up on all the five senses.

 A highly sensitive person can pick up on every sense; hearing, taste, smell, touches, and sight in a magnified way. Sensible people seem to have superhuman senses compared to the normal human senses. Everything to them seems to seem heightened. Sounds like the ticking of the clock to them becomes loud.

2. Sensible people can read you easily.

Sensible people tend to know much about a person without being told. They do not read minds but will always know when you are lying to them or pretend to be happy when you are not. Sensible people will see past the mask you put on. This a superpower

3. With sensibility comes huge responsibility

The ability to be sensible comes with a feeling of huge responsibility to the world. Sensible people carry the weight of the human experience of all that is good, bad, the dark, and the light. Highly sensible people are the bookkeepers if humanity is spread spectrum.

4. Sensible people are good team players.

The ability for sensible people to take others’ feelings into account and think through a complex problem makes them exceptional team members. They use their gifts of assembling input and analyzing them and gather the opinions of others for the final call.

5. Sensibility comes with creative powers.

As a creative person, you are deeply in tune with the inner world due to being sensible, which often leads to fascinating breakthroughs, a unique sense of clarity, and innovative solutions. Most people tend to turn these sensible people for inspiration when they are stuck.

6. Sensibility is a gift of Communication.

The career journey of sensible people usually blossoms as they usually communicate effectively because they are attuned to subtle gestures and tone. They don’t hear the words coming out of people’s mouths.

7. Attention to detail

Sensible people are usually attuned, not only to feel but also to tiny details that are usually missed by those people who are not sensible surrounding them. They are the ones who will quickly spot something that does not add up and will make sure every contingency has been planned for.

8. Ability to prepare well for simulating situations.

Most highly sensitive people can anticipate the needs of others as well as situations. For example, in job interviews and negotiations, they are most likely to anticipate the interview questions—this a great power for success.

A highly sensitive person with strong emotions might feel like a heavy burden at times, but the truth is that sensibility is a huge superpower as it is an untapped value that, if used well, can result in success in life.

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