Ways to Disrupt Your Mindset and Live Your Dream Life

1. Clear Your Mental Space 

Clearing your mental space can be started by meditation. Clearing your mental space can also mean clearing your physical space first. You will realise a difference already. Then clearing your mental space: Letting go of limitating believes, letting go of old mindpattern, that dont serve you, as negative self talk for example. But first negative self talk has to be identified. You can identify it while observing your thoughts, this happens in meditation or in stillness. You just sit there and let the drama unfold infront of your mental eye. Then you realise that you are not the drama, you are the observer. And you can let go of the limitating believe system and disrupt your mindset to start live your dream life.

2. Have a daily routine

Having a positive daily routine can help you disrupting your mindset and start living the live of your dreams. Start with a posivite yogic morning routine, read more here.

3. start doing yoga or meditation daily

only 10 minutes a day can change your life already.

4. Move your body daily

get out of still or stiffness – a stiff body is inhabitated by a stiff mind so move your body. Can be 10 minutes morning stretch, dancing, bycicle, sports, running or whatever makes your heart sing. Important is breaking your old habits of not doing sports or getting lazy. With new positive habits you will attract new positive things into your life.

5. Get creative!

When was the last time you picked up a pencil or a brush and let your creativity flow through the paint? If it is too long ago, that you remember now is the time to get creative and express your feelings! Breaking old patterns means not beeing scared of sth new and doing things differently!

6. Hypnosis to disrupt negative mindsets

Old believes and mind patterns are deeply rooted in your subconsciousness or unconsciousness and have been passed by generations already? Then you should try hypnosis to disrupt your mindset. A specialised hypnotist can help you break your old believe systems and bring you joy and improved mind sets. You can also try a guided (recorded) hypnosis.

7. Reflection

Take time to reflect. Reflection is an important part of our lives. When we forget to reflect, the universe and our unconsciousness brings back the parts of ourself, that we have to reflect on. Listen to yourself. Listen to the voice in your head. What is it saying? Is it mainly negative? Time to disrupt this negative mindset!

8. Do Yoga Nidra

When I discovered Yoga Nidra, this changed my perception of being. What is Yoga Nidra: Yoga Nidra is a systematic method of inducing complete mental, emotional and physical relaxation. It means psychic sleep, where conscious intellectual mind disappears, subconscious mind becomes active and unconscious mind merges with the subconsciousand there we have no concept of time and space. I will write a whole article about this theme, because it is very interesting and a big topic.

9. Shake Yourself Awake From the Seriousness of Adulthood 

You remember being a child? You would laugh, dance, run like noone is watching. Remember? Time to behave again like this sometimes. I am not saying everday or all the time, but sometimes just get back the naivity of a kid and run free for a moment.

11. Look for the Path That Lights You Up 

If the path you walk on, inspires you, teaches you, enlightens you, it is the right way. If it the path you walk on, makes you angry, frustrated, you feel weak or declined, it is the wrong way and time to change directions.

10. Get a vision board

You are on pinterst? If not, its time for you to discover this powerful tool to get the dream life you want. You just pin everything, that you like into a visionboard and start achieving your dreams.

11. now start to live your dream life

journal how you see your dream life. How do you imagine it? You want to wake up infront of the ocean? Why not go for it? Write down every thing that you want in your dream life, then write down how to achieve it and also what hinders you from realizing your dream life! Et Voila! You have a plan! NOW follow your plan and live your dream life.

Here is some of my inspiration, that I used to collect many years before I startet the yoga retreat center in Croatia. I always dreamed of the eclectic bohemian boho interior before realising it into reality. Check out more of my boards on Pinterst: here

My name is Tosca and I am a verified 500 h Yoga teacher. I traveled the past 5 years around the globe. I do organise Yoga retreats in Croatia (starting in 2021) and I love to talk about self development, traveling and yoga. If you liked this article, please read as well other articles, follow me on Instagram on my main page @_miss_bohemian or @croatiayogaselfloveretreats

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