1. Beautiful Nature

Being just 2 hours away by boat from Venice, Istria has an identical landscape to Tuscany. There are beautiful cypress, figtrees and other plants and trees influencing the scenery with beautiful mediterranean vibes.

2. Smallest City in the world: Hum

with its 30 inhabitants, is the smallest city in the world. It is located in the heart of Istria in the municipality of Buzet, know as a “town of truffles”. The city which is only 100 meters long and 30 meters wide holds so much of history.

3. It´s still reasonable priced

Compared to other countries in europe it is still reasonable prices. You can make some bargains at markets and sometimes while eating out.

4. Breath taking beaches

5. The Climate

The weather is nice all-year round with mild winters compared to the colder regions of Europe and the US/Canada.

The warmer temperatures during spring and autumn make it a perfect getaway from the cold as well.

6. One of the safest countries in the world

Number 24 worldwide in the latest report from World Economic Forum. It’s just 0.56 points behind Number 1 safest country – Finland.

Crimes are low in Croatia and you don’t have to be scared of walking into the wrong neighborhood or stay out late.

7. Lovely, friendly people

People are very peaceful and they enjoy life. There is a lot of activity in the cities but you can also find peace in the countryside and in the small seaside resorts.

Because of the Italian “Dolce Vita” and the abundance of tourists, the service in Italy might not always be great. In the case of Istria (and Croatia in general), the locals tend to be more people-oriented because of their different mentality, and, therefore, the hospitality is unspoiled there.

8. Rich in culture and history

Did you know, that the romans, the italians and austrians have been on istria and build many of the historical buildings. This region has a strong and antic identity. It has both Italian and Slavic roots so you can find the charming “dolce vita” way of life of Italy and the folkloric influences of Croatia.

9. Beautiful architechture

10. Opatija

In Roman times, the area was home to several patrician villas connected to the nearby town of Castrum Laureana, the modern Lovran. While western Istria was gradually conquered by the Republic of Venice by 1420, the remaining territory up to Opatija fell to the House of Habsburg and later was incorporated into the Austrian Littoral. In 1889 the Austro-Hungarian era (Cisleithanian) government officially declared Abbazia (Opatija) the first climatic seaside resort (Seebad) on the Austrian Riviera. After the hotels, the building of villas started, for the needs of more demanding noble and famous guests. Opatija (Abazzia) was visited by well known dukes and duchesses. In 1920 Opatija was assigned to Italy. In 1947 Opatija was given to Yugoslavia as part of the peace treaty with Italy; most of the Italian-speaking population, whose percentage had substantially increased in the past years, emigrated to Italy. After the breakup of Yugoslavia which began in 1991, the town became part of Croatia.

11. Rovinj

If you are in croatia and in istria, you should definitly visit Rovinj. It is the most beautiful little town on its kind of own half island with beautiful colorful houses and picturesc streets and views. Rovinj is my favorite town in istria and in croatia.

12. Rijeka

Rijeka is the third-largest city in Croatia (after Zagreb and Split). The city was fiercely contested, especially among Italy, Hungary (serving as the Kingdom of Hungary‘s largest and most important port), and Croatia, changing hands and demographics many times over centuries. The city’s economy largely depends on shipbuilding (shipyards “3. Maj” and “Viktor Lenac Shipyard”) and maritime transport.

13. Sipar

This cute little beach reminded me of Italy, especially Positano. The colorful houses on the little hill behind the sea are just beautiful and the crystalclear blue water is just stunning. I spent my birthday here this year and I just felt in love with this place. You can have a snack or dinner after swimming directly on the beach in one of the cabanas. It is only 15 min away from our yoga retreat center.

15. Lovran

Lovran is another romantic and beautiful town in istria and nearby our retreat location.

16. Pula

Pula, Istria’s capital, has a lot of Roman remains all over the city, and especially in the old town. You definitely have to see the Roman Amphitheatre. Pula is a nice little town (60 000 inhabitants) on the Istrian peninsula. Pula is more than 3 000 years old and full of history. After the WW1 Istria was known as an Italian region, but then, at the end of WW2, it became a part of Yugoslavia.

18. Adventures in Croatia

Ever thought about taking a paraglide over the Kvarner bay? Would look like this:

There are many other adventures, that you can take part of as well.

19. The Colour of the sea in Croatia

We can’t even describe how crystal clear and turquoise it is. No filter needed indeed.

20. Game of Thrones

Did you know, that Game of Thrones was filmed in Croatia? Do i have to say more? 😀 You can walk on the scenery and there are even guided tours to discover the unforgettable places, that have been used in The Game of Thrones.


21. Food in Croatia

Have you ever tried black Risotto? Then welcome to Croatia! There is black Risotto, a lot of delicious seafood and many other specialities, that you should try. To be fair, there is a lot of meat in the croatian cousine, so I am not the biggest fan, but there are always vegetarian options.

22. Truffles

Another reason why you should visit croatia is the truffels! Delicious and cheaper than anywhere in the world.

why you should visit croatia
Why you should visit Croatia

23. Dubrovnik

24. Split

25. Plitvice lake

Plitvice is a group of 16 natural lakes and is a UNESCO heritage site due to its breathtaking views, its fauna and the unique turquoise waters of the lakes.

26. Krka waterfall national park in dalmatia

Not to be confused with the Plitvice Lake. The Krka waterfall is more south, but you are allowed to swim the water, what in Plitvice Lake is not the case. Pluse in Plitvice Lake are more tourists usually. Try to find an early hour to arrive at the national park, when there are less people around.

27. Groznjan

Groznjan is a small town, inhabitated by artists from all around Croatia and definitely a visti worth!

27. The Ston City Wall

28. Korcula Island

Birthplace of Marco Polo and known as “little Dubrovnik” thanks to its medieval churches, palaces, and houses.

This is a good place to visit if you want to escape the crowds. Sure it’s not empty as Croatia is getting more and more popular these days, but it’s less visited than Hvar, Dubrovnik, and Brac.

29. Snorkeling in Istria

30. Paragliding

Ever thought about taking a paraglide over the Kvarner bay? Would look like this:

31. Most Beautiful sunsets in Zadar

Alfred Hitchcock once said that Zadar is home to the most beautiful sunsets (not just in croatia), and I do think he had a good point.

32. Kažuni: Old Stonehouses and lavender in Vodnjan

Kažuni: Old-fashioned traditional stone houses of Istria, sometimes found surrounded by bright lavender fields. Best viewed near Vodnjan.

33. YOGA and SELF LOVE retreats in Opatija

Come and practice yoga, meditation and self love in Croatia. We are open from may 2021. Click here for informations

34. The awe-inspiring beauty of the Euphrasian Basilica in Poreč

35. Best olive oil in the world

Not Italy. Not Greece. The best Mediterranean gold comes from the Istria region. Need proof? It’s been the respected Flos Olei guide’s winner five years running. What’s their secret? While it’s tempting to say Istria’s peppery, punchy olives, the main reason is sustainable, family-run businesses who pour their heart into each bottle.

As you can see, croatia is the pearl of the adriatic sea and definitly worth a visit. For mor informations on our yoga retreats send us an email to: [email protected] or whatsapp or call us! We are happy to welcome you rom may to september 2021 in our yoga retreat villa in croatia.

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