Daily positive affirmations

daily positive affirmations

by Tosca

Daily positive Affirmations

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Daily positive affirmations

Train with this daily positive affirmations your brain to more selflove. 

Finding love in yourself

I am worthy of love. 

I trust the process. 

I trust the universe and its divine timing. 

I know that everyhing that is supposed to be, will find my way. 

Try tricking your brain into asking this questions and you will see your brain will make up reasons why this questions are true!

Why is my body so powerful and why everthing I do today is so easy for me? 

Why do I see so much value in taking time for myself?

Why do I love to take care of my mind, soul & body so much?

Why do I grow every day more and I will acknoledge this growth from now on more and more. 


daily positive affirmations

Create your own questions for daily positive affirmations

Sit down for 10 minutes everyday and write down your own questions: why I am so successful? Why do I attract so many amazing people into my life? If you give time to your brain to process you will find it true, that your brain is searching truth in the questions and provide you even with examples from the past or present. Keep doing it!

Please share with us your favorite daily affirmations in the comment section. 

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