Women Circle Tenerife November 2021

Women circle Tenerife November

Benefits of acro yoga

Women circle Tenerife November

21.11.21 17:00 in Granadilla

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Women circle Tenerife November on the 21.11.21

Women’s circles allow a woman to rest in a space that encourages her to explore her inner world, which can be greatly healing for mental and physical well-being. To feel held in a gentle, non-judgemental way can be deeply nourishing.

It can be very healing to experience validation and to feel honored by other women, especially in a world where women are often taught to compete with each other, compare bodies and status, be jealous, gossip, judge, etc.

What we do:

come together in sisterhood to rise

– sacred cacao cermony to find clarity for your desires

– guided meditation to tune into your intuition

– empowering movement and dance to set free your emotions and your inner child

– talking circle, where we connect with our soul sisters and share our inner most fears, desires and what we feel like sharing, etc..

A women’s circle creates a sacred bond between all the women participating and a time to cultivate reverence for oneself, the values of being a woman, and the divinity of Mother Earth.


If you want to step into your power, remember your truth, alchemize your feelings, get support from our beautiful soul sisters, then I invite you to join my exclusive goddess circle, where we come together in sisterhood and alchemize our lives.

Find clarity, connect with the divine in your sisters, see them as your mirror and therefore in yourself

Optional: ayurvedic vegetarian food after the ceremony, connect with others and enjoy this healthy, homemade food. extra 15€ and minimum 10 people. 

Limited Spots available

Donationbased, minimum is 25 euros, the rest is up to you. 

Please feel free to reserve your spot or to dm me directly. 



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