how to get your first 300 subscribers to your email list

email list yoga marketing tips

email marketing tips

how to get your first 300 subscribers to your email list

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Email marketing tips

how to get your first 300 subscribers to your email list

You could be starting from twenty or zero, but you need to start from somewhere. Growing your email list is a plus for your business since, in this case, you own the list, unlike other channels. Here are some tips you can implement to start and grow your email list;


Create an irresistible freebie

Creating an irresistible freebie is a golden ticket to growing your email list which is the ultimate goal. When it comes to freebies, the rule of reciprocity applies. You add value for someone else and, in turn, gain access to their inbox.

Keep your subscribers engaged and ready for more lest you create a freebie that generates an instant “unsubscribe.”

While creating your freebie, ensure you focus on the opt-in copy encouraging your audience to opt-in, optimize your result by simplifying the process, and consistently deliver value.

No doubt, your ability to float and not feel like “deadweight” comes from staying connected from deep within your core.

email list yoga marketing tips

Sign up with an email marketing provider

Signing up with an email marketing provider can significantly impact the success of your marketing campaign.
An email marketing provider enables you to create highly engaging email newsletters with an easy user interface called the drag-and-drop editor. You can also be able to send personalized bulk emails.
Besides, an email marketing provider makes it easy to connect with your email list, segment users into groups, and track your email marketing campaigns’ performance.
Some of the email marketing providers available include; Constant contact, SendinBlue, Drip, ConvertKit, and Mailchimp.

Create a beautiful landing page for your freebie

Your landing page like no other page on your freebie! People are only there because they saw a catchy call in your ad or insta post; therefore, don’t just sprinkle hints on what you do but give your best.

Consider a design that will visually pique your visitor’s interests, make it easy to opt-in, and keep your sign-up forms short.


Share your freebie on all your social media platforms

Ensure that all your social media platforms are active. Social media channels move fast, and once you’ve posted, it is unlikely for a user to see it after a week.
Besides, google considers ‘freshness’ a score; hence, it will help boost your SEO for a better ranking position attracting more subscribers if you share your freebie.

Write up interesting blog posts and add a sign-up exchange for your freebie

Value attracts value. Writing interesting blog posts and delivering value to your readers will catch their attention and yearning for more. Your readers will, in turn, sign up for your freebie in return for the value they are getting.

Nourish your subscribers

Share content that is beneficial and instills growth in your customers. Understand your subscribers’ needs and make your content clear and meaningful to connect with your subscribers and attract more.

Collaborate with other online yoga teachers and business marketers

Conduct interviews and blog exchanges with other online yoga teachers and business marketers. This leads to the freshness of content and more impactful knowledge to users creating loyalty.

Moreso, it will increase traffic to your site hence attracting more subscribers.  

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