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money mindset

How to become a money magnet

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Money Magnet

How To Become A Money Magnet

Every human being yearns for the day they will achieve financial freedom and abundance: Chaning your moeny mindest and becoming a money magnet. But with a large percentage struggling to become a money magnet, is it something possible to achieve? Yes. You just have to address the bumps and blocks on your way to becoming a money magnet. The secret is using the powers of the universe to achieve your dream. Here are a few tips for doing exactly just that.

Change your money mindset.

Do you have a negative money mindset that may easily go unnoticed? Sometimes you can be aware of the negative thoughts about money but still don’t do anything about it. A good example is a phrase, “money is the root of all evil or “it is so hard to make much money” Having a negative belief about money is one big block to becoming a money magnet.

Luckily, this negative mindset can be changed.

Take money just as a physical reward for the energy you are putting into something. If you do so, is the energy enough? More work and dedication mean more reward. That’s a fair deal! The more you put into your work and the more people you help with it, the more will come back to you!

Practice gratitude

Gratitude directly relates to the law of attraction. To get into the point of receiving more, we have to give out more. By giving, we show the world that we are grateful for what we’ve got. As a result, the universe will reward us with more.

But if you keep saying that we don’t have enough, we will never get enough. Try to be grateful for what you have. You will receive even more!

No doubt, your ability to float and not feel like “deadweight” comes from staying connected from deep within your core.


Donate things you no longer need

We have already discussed the law of attraction. Positive attracts positive, and vice versa. It makes sense to donate things you don’t need anymore. In return, you will receive them back. The universe has a way of rewarding people.

Giving is a selfless act that increases your karmic energy, which means it will find its way back to you down the line.

What you think cannot serve you anymore can be a great gift to someone else.

It’s all about bench, overhead and leg pressing for the base with an added bonus of carrying a human being with a moving center of gravity

But don’t give because you want to get something back in return. Give because you want to help another person who lacks.

Besides, you don’t have to donate what you don’t have. If you don’t have enough, there’s no need to put yourself in debt.

Integrate the belief that success is possible

Get the negative thoughts out of your mind. Common blocks towards success are doubting your abilities. If you say, “I don’t deserve this job. I am not qualified,” you will not give your best, and success will be hard to achieve.

These negative beliefs about achieving success are always deep-rooted, and you will need to put more energy into overcoming them. Use self-love affirmations. They help rewrite your reality and keep your true worth.

Focus on what you love

The pandemic has taught many people that passion really pays. With a lot of layoffs happening during the pandemic, many turned their passion to successful businesses. You can also focus on what you love and succeed in becoming a money magnet without struggling. The good thing here is that you will attract money to you while doing what you love.

Make plans on how you will invest.

If you want to continue receiving more, you need to have investment plans. There’s no harm in spending what you receive, but putting the money back to a project that will help earn you more is the surest way of attracting more money.

Investing in yourself demonstrates that you are willing to use money wisely and progress forward.

Stop playing small!

When you see the bigger picture, you will become aware, that playing small doesnt longer serve you.

Understand your value as a spiritual leader or as the CEO you are!

Read in the next blog post about understanding your value as a spiritual leader and how to put the price on it, that your work is actually worth. Stop underpaying yourself and stop asking too little money for your amazing work!


Becoming a money magnet is challenging but not impossible. If you follow these tips, you will eventually find yourself getting more. It may take time, but time is a factor of success.


I wish you a great time
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