yoga for lower back pain

Yoga for lower back pain

Yoga for lower back pain

10 Yoga poses to release lower back pain

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1. Downwardfacing dog

This yoga pose is great to release lower back pain! Bend your knees, if you cannot reach the ground with your heals. Yoga for lower back pain. 

yoga for lower back pain​

2. Utanasana A + B

yoga poses tosca
Yoga for lower back pain

3. Cat - cow- movements

Another easy sequence in yoga for lower back pain: 

yoga poses tosca
yoga poses tosca

4. Childs pose

yoga poses tosca

5. Puppy pose

yoga poses tosca

6. Cotton ball

yoga poses tosca

7. Dandasana - Pashimottanasana

yoga poses tosca
yoga poses tosca

8. Shoulder stand

yoga poses tosca

9. Cobra pose

yoga for lower back pain​

10. Pigeon pose

yoga for lower back pain​

I hope you enjoy this yoga for lower back pain.


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