How to become more confident

Learning to become more confident is a process, where you start with small steps. You write down tasks and activities, that are really easy for you to achieve, you tack them off every day, you increase the difficutly of this tasks over the weeks and the more of your goals you reach, the more confident you will feel.

How to stop feeling like an imposter?

Feeling like an imposter comes mostly from back in our childhood, when we had the feeling, we were not good enough or we have to be perfect, or we have to acomplish certain things in order to be loved! Thats wrong in so many ways! Try to focus on what you want to do with your abilities? Do you want to help people? Do you want to serve them? Them hiding your gifts and abilities and not using them to help others is like stealing!

How to become a super successful coach?

First of all: Have a badass business plan! Learning by doing. And never give up! Never! Not and especially then, when you fail or made mistakes. This makes you a successful coach.

How can you start your own coaching business?

Many people ask, if you need special certificates. The answer is, there are schools, that learn you certain things and give you certificates for it. But most importantly is: What have you overcome? What made you the human being, that you are now? What change of behavior, action or so on changed your life so significantly, that you want to share this with the world?

How to connect more with your inner child?

Connecting with your inner child is doing the job of the adult, we maybe did not had: an understanding, caring, deeply loving and respecting adult, that takes care ourself. Its not to late to change your habits! If you find your self, criticising too much and If you find yourself doubting too much, then it is time for you to heal your childhood traumas and to finally take care of your inner child! Read more on my website.

How to start an online business with ease?

Great question. How can you start an online business with ease: You need a smart, energy and time saving plan. You need to not only focus on your work, but also on your mental and physical health, taking enough breaks, make the process fun, enjoy the process of learning and also accepting failure. Read more on my blog.

How can meditation help you overcome your imposter syndrom?

Meditation has so many benefits. Overcoming your imposter syndrom is one of that. While slowing down your mind and really pay attention to your thoughts, you can actually get in touch with limiting believes, that are holding you back from taking actions.

How can you overcome your imposter syndrom?

The best way to overcome your imposter syndrom is to focus on your strengths and how you desire and actually can serve your clients. Overcoming your imposter syndrom has some different steps in it. Your business coach can definitly help you with that.

Why do I need a business or success coach?

You need a business success or leadership coach to fully understand your own potential and your strengths. A good coach will make you become aware of your strenghts but also can help you integrate your weaknesses, what helps you to take choices, that are focused on your strentghs.

How do I become a successful coach?

First of all you have to understand how empowering and powerful coaching feels like and so you should first hire a coach for yourself. If you dont believe in coaching and you dont want to hire a coach yourself, than it will be difficult for you to sell your caochings to anyone else.

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