Handmade Couture Designer Pieces by Tosca

Handmade Couture Designer Pieces by Tosca

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Handmade unique designs

Handmade, unique designer pieces, handselected fabrics from all around the world, carefully hand curated and brought from travels. This unique jackets have been made from fabrics, that Tosca brought from India, Bali, Thailand and Nepal and the upcycled jackets, a unique design put together with lots of love and care 🤍Handmade Couture Designer Pieces by Tosca

Awaken the goddess within

Handmade & Unique

Handmade Couture Designer Pieces by Tosca

“Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers”

Goddess Collection

Powerful Daily Affirmations for 2021

From goddess to goddess

My name is Tosca, I am a fashion designer, couturier and a transformation coach and yoga teacher. I share with you here my unique, handmade designs, that are carefully and with much love designed and made by me. I handselected the fabrics and vintage pieces carefully on my travels to India, Nepal, Bali, Thailand and many more exotic places to bring you the mix of unique and special materials, mixed together to a unique, once in a lifetime jacket, that makes you feel like a goddess.

Customer reviews

"I totally love my jacket, made by Tosca. Everytime I want to feel empowered, I just put on my jacket and walk through the streets of Paris and it makes me feel so unique and strong. "

Candice, Paris

"Thank you Tosca, this jacket is so unique and has so many beautiful details. Tosca custommade for me a winterjacket with a super fluffy inside material and beautiful design outside. I love this jacket."

Pauline, Sweden

"Wow, i love all of my jackets from Tosca. I brought them to all my trips and they fit to every outfit! I just love them. Please make more jackets and inspired the world, Tosca."

Lana, Barcelona

Tosca elisabeth

The most important relationship is the one with yourself

Tosca elisabeth

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Yes dear, there is a payment plan. You can pay your order in full or in 3 payments. Please contact me for the payment plan.

All sales are full and final.  Refunds will not be issued. We’re confident that you love the piece exactly like it is! Handmade Couture Designer Pieces by Tosca

As a member of Goddess Gang you have an exclusive discount of 20% on all products, the unique couture pieces handmade by Tosca as well all the other products.