The power of decision

The power of decision

The power of decision

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The power of decisions

Everything that happens in our life starts with a decision. It is these moments of decisions that usually shape our lives. The decision you make today will directly impact your tomorrow. There are decisions that, if you make now, make your life different as it is in the future. So heres the power of decision: 

1. Realized how powerful decisions are

Decisions are tools that can change your entire life. Your life is what you have done differently from other people in your shoes or the same situation. Your actions are the starting points needed to move you in a specific direction.

2. Commit to your decisions.

Starting a goal you need is so easy. Committing to them is a different story. Being interested in something and taking no action will result in no progress at all. There is a need to always commit yourself to the decisions you make.


  • decide on what you want
  • Take Action
  • Notice what is working or not working
  • Change your strategy until everything works

Make sure to follow the above steps and will create momentum to achieve your goals.

power of decision

3. Often make decisions – practice making decisions

Do not make decisions based on your current situation. Make decisions based on where you want to be, like most successful people do. The more you practice making decisions, the more you learn to make better ones. Decisions have the power to change your career, physical state, emotional state, and your relationships.

4. Learn from your decisions

In making decisions, you will make the wrong ones, and there is no need to beat yourself up. Always make sure you stay positive and learn from the wrong decisions. Do not focus on the short term; find lessons to be learned and move on.

5. Stay flexible with your decisions.

Most decisions come with a rigid plan to follow to be achieved. The end should surely justify the means. If you are after weight loss, for example, then should not be after the means. Do not divert your strategy to a different route, but it is important to be flexible to remain committed to your decisions.

6. Always have fun making decisions.

Decisions can be a source of incredible happiness as well as relentless problems. They can be an amazing opportunity or major disappointment. The good thing about the power of decisions is that one can use it already and not select few in society. It requires you to summon the courage to use it. Any moment you can make that decision that will change your life forever. And also the way you see the outcome is up to you and YOUR DECISION. You can always find positive aspects, if the decision you took, had a negative outcome!

power of decision


We all have the power to positively change our lives and inspire others through the decisions we make every day. If you make the right decisions, you can decide who you become in life. Decide today to learn a new skill, make that call you have feared to make, decide to treat people differently, decide to make that career move instead of making excuses every day. An excuse is a decision in itself. Not taking decisions in Yogic philosophy is like freezing and is also a decision, but the worst you can make. Cause also if your decision has negative outcome, there is always positive aspects to it too! So decide now!

I hope you will decide and make a good decision today!

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