Best Yoga Surf Trip Retreat Fuerteventura

The Transformative Power of a Women's Retreat: First-Timer's Guide

Best Yoga Surf Trip Retreat Fuerteventura

Are you seeking a meaningful and transformational experience, that leaves you full afterward?

You could benefit extensively from a women’s retreat.

These retreats provide an opportunity to take a break from the rigors of daily life and concentrate on self-discovery, personal development, and renewal.

The Transformative Power

1. Set goals for yourself

You can use the following advice to get ready for your first women’s retreat:

Set goals for yourself. Think carefully about the benefits you expect the retreat will bring you before you go. Do you wish to lessen the stress of daily life, attain inner peace, or just enhance your relationships? Knowing your goals can help you maintain concentration and make the most of the retreat.



2. Pack wisely

Bring any personal things you might need, such as toiletries and prescription medicine, as well as comfy clothing and shoes.

Check our retreat suggestion pack list here to make sure you’re packing appropriately.



3. Be open-minded

Be receptive and open-minded. An opportunity to venture outside of your comfort zone and experience new things is a women’s retreat. 

Try new things, adopt other viewpoints, and don’t be hesitant to venture outside of your comfort zone. Also, try to leave your stale belief systems at home. 

A women´s retreat is successful when you fully are able to let go and adopt new viewpoints.

Get in touch with the other participants. A women’s retreat is a fantastic place to meet other strong women. Use this opportunity to socialize and share knowledge with others.


4. Practice Self-love

Take good care of yourself. An emotional and mental drain might result from a women’s retreat. You ensure that you are taking good care of yourself, be sure to get enough sleep, eat a healthy diet, and relax and unwind often.


5. Are you ready to step into your full potential?

The experience of participating in a women’s retreat may be potent and transformational. You’ll be able to completely embrace the experience and benefit from it to the fullest extent if you have the appropriate outlook, be open-minded and are ready for it.


Women’s retreats, in my opinion as a coach, are a great way to step back, concentrate on self-care and personal development, and connect with other like-minded women. Visit [My Coaching Website] to find out more about upcoming retreats and how to sign up if you’re ready to experience the transforming power of a women’s retreat.

Goddess Gang

- Free training

This free training will teach you how to: 


Tap into female wisdom embodiment

Transform in emotional alchemy

Awaken the goddess inside yourself 

Connect with your divine feminine & masculine 

Techniques for accessing your inner wisdom and guidance



Hey beautiful soul

I am Tosca and I will guide you

Tosca guides the women in retreats and the goddess gang to a better understanding of themselves, to a deeper and loving connection with themselves. She coaches them in groups and individually the women and helps them to gain more clearance and self-confidence. Tosca traveled the last years many times around the globe, lived in Bali, India, Nepal and visited Thailand, and meditated with monks in a Buddhist monastery for the vipassana practice (sitting 10 days in silence in mediation for 8 hours/day and fasting for 20 hours a day), Cambodia and many other exotic places to deepen her practice and knowledge about Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, different philosophies, and mindsets. In her experiences as a world traveler and nomad she discovered her blockages and through the tools, she learned from her gurus, teachers, and herself she discovered ways to remove them and connect with her highest self and this is what she shares now with the women in the retreat.

Tosca has Yoga teacher certificates of 500 hours and she teaches Hatha, Yin, and Vinyasa Yoga.  She works as an empowerment and leadership coach for women, but also men. Her main topics are the sacred principles to connect with the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine in yourself and others, sacred sexuality, how to transform your sexual energy into life energy and how to rejuvenate yourself through this process. She gives private mentorships and group coaching.


Tosca elisabeth

The most important relationship is the one with yourself

Do you have more questions? We are here for you!

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