Tosca Yoga Fuerteventura

Tosca Yoga Fuerteventura


Yoga is much more than just physical activity

Yoga translated from Sanskrit means root 'Yuj', meaning 'to join' or 'to yoke' or 'to unite'. ... Thus the aim of Yoga is Self-realisation. Overcoming all kinds of sufferings leading to a state of liberation (Moksha) or Freedom (Kaivalya).

In Yoga we learn how to join body, mind and soul. We learn how to let go and to listen to our body, become aware of our energybody and the energy field within our physical body.

My specialisation is Yoga for backpain and Yoga for relaxation. At the end of every class you are welcome to enjoy energy healing in savasana guided by me.

This is a different experience to a physical yoga class, that you may have had before. This is the beginning of a journey to your own awareness.

Tosca Yoga Fuerteventura


Tosca Yoga Fuerteventura

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movement for your body, stillness for your mind and nurting for your soul

I teach a natural flow of asanas, stillness for the mind and nurturment for your soul at the end of the class through energy healing.

What my Beautiful & Happy Soul Clients Say About My Class

Absolut fantastische Erfahrung an einem wunderschönen Strand in El Cotillo. Tolle Asanas die genau auf meine individuellen Pain Points abgestimmt worden. Die Yoga Stunde mit Tosca Elisabeth entsprach genau meiner Vorstellung.

Private Feedback: Tausend Dank für die tolle Stunde!


Translated: Absolut phantastic experience at the beautiful beach in El Cotillo. Great Asanas that has been exactly measured to my individuel pain points. This Yoga session with Tosca Elisabeth was exactly what I wished for.

Private Feedback: Thank you so much for this amazing class!

About Tosca

I am a certified Yoga teacher for Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga in India for 200 hours and in germany for 300 hours of Yoga teaching, a total of 500 hours of Yoga teacher training. I traveled the last years in south east asia and asia to learn holistic yoga and medicine, meditation, did the vipassana in chiang mai, lived in india and nepal, bali and many other places to come back to europe and introduce you to what i learned on my travel.

I this languages fluently and teach in: 

English, German, Spanish

my cv

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ABOUT Tosca Yoga

I practiced the first time yoga when I was 13 years old with my auntie, that is a Yoga teacher too. At this time there was no hype around yoga and I practiced since 10 years regularly Yoga before I started to become a yoga and meditation teacher in India myself.


tosca yoga fuerteventura
I teach, show and correct the proper asanas of Yoga in an easy way, so you dont have to worry about anything.

There is no need to be flexible or strong, we all have been there and there is no need for self shame
I teach you the exact breath work or Pranayama, that I learned in asia and south east asia and I will teach you the benefits of theese pranayamas.

Breath work

Energy healing

At the end of the class in savasana I guide you through a meditation, that relaxes and heals your body and energy body
Total relaxation and relief of body pains are results of my classes, that my yogis have felt.


my philosophy

Your wellbing is my Top Priority


EXPLORE Coaching services

I am an empowering life and sucess coach, you can read about my services here:

What my Beautiful & Happy Clients Say About Me

Absolut phantastic experience at the beautiful beach in El Cotillo. Great Asanas that has been exactly measured to my individuel pain points. This Yoga session with Tosca Elisabeth was exactly what I wished for.


I really enjoyed the yoga class on the beautiful beach near El Cotillo. Thanks!


I took so many interesting and inspiring asanas and breathing techinques back home and I really love to flow with Tosca. It is so easy to follow and she make me feel comfortable to be myself. Thank you!


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Contact Hours:

Monday – Friday
11:00 am – 05:00 pm
Saturday – Sunday – Closed

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I’ll be happy to answer all of your questions and make sure you have an amazing experience.

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