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What is Prana

For every new Yogi there are might many questions remaining: What is my yoga teacher talking about? There are words like PRANA or Pranayama, Shatkarma, pranic body and many more Sanskrit words, that we use daily in our Yoga lessions and Yoga newbies might get confused. Today we gonna clarify what is Prana.

Prana is the lifeforce, the “vital force”, “lifeenergy”, Prana is in Hindu and yogic philosophy the manifest of energy in the universe, present in both living beings and inanimate objects. It´s the Chi for Chinese, the Ki for Japonese, but what does this mean?

Translated the Sanskrit: AN, meaning “movement” and “breathe,” and PRA, meaning “forth,” PRANA means “breathing forth,” and is refering to the idea of vital and life force energy is always dynamic.

Prana and the Nadis

It is said, that in the Energy Body, the prana flows through Energy channels, known as NADIS. When the nadis are well balanced, the prana flows freely though the nadis and the 7 Major Chakras. There are said to be thousands of nadis, but the three main ones are:

  • Ida  left of the spine. This is the introverted, lunar channel, chandra
  • Pingala – right of the spine. This is the extroverted, solar channel, surya
  • Sushumna – Located along the center of the spine. It is the central channel, which the energy of kundalini awakening flows through, when awaken.

Prana is believed to flow in and out of the body through the breath. A yogi may use techniques such as pranayama to enhance their energy. Performing yoga asanas can also help prana to flow more freely. Once all nadis are cleared through pranayama and yoga, the kundalini can flow up the sushumna to have an kundalini awakening. 

what is prana


I´m Tosca Elisabeth Peric

I help intuitive beings, connecting with your life force energy (shakti, chi) to stay in an open heart, overflow with love, connect with your sexual energies and desires, grow your confidence and your life. 

I believe in your magic. 

I’m helping you activate your inner goddess/god

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