Yoga entrepreneur tips

9 ways how to create a healthy sleep routine

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Yoga entrepreneur tips​

Yoga entrepreneur tips

1. Be grateful about your day and set intentions for your sleep

You can journal, or just sit in silence and think about 3 things, that you are grateful, that happend today. To set some intentions for your sleep, close your eyes and think about, what do you want to do in your sleep. Become lucid? Let go of something, that happend today? Think about it, as if it would surely happen and you will see, what you can manifest, while sleeping. 

2. Try this meditation tequnice that I learned from a monk, while I lived in a meditation center in Chiang Mai:

When I lived in a meditation center in thailand I learned many interesting and useful things. For example one monk teached me how to concentrate only on the breathing, while laying flat on the back and observing the breath coming in and thinking the word: “rising” and breathing out: “falling” and repeat this, until you sail away into your dreams.


3. Try Yoga Nidra

In Yoga Nidra we experience, that thoughts are simply thoughts as they come and go. You are not the thinker, you are the observer, you can integrate this sense of mindfullness into your normal day life, when you practice more awareness of yourself in this resting state. You simply practice it, that more you do yoga nidra. Yoga Entrepreneur tips: Yoga Nidra is an ancient Yogi technique of meditatioin and its also called the yogic sleep. It´s also called “psychic sleep”, a deep relaxation technique, a state between sleeping and beeing awake, that can be used also during the day, when you are very exhausted and you dont have time for a recovering sleep, but you have time for 15 minutes of Yogic Sleep/ Yoga Nidra. You will feel much more refreshed afterwards, than only through a quick nap. Yoga Nidra is deeply relaxing and expands the individual’s self-awareness. Basically Yoga Nidra draws the awareness inwards and the practicener listens to instructions, like a guided meditation. 


yoga entrepreneur tips

4. Avoid bringing your phone to the bed

May sound difficult, but you will feel the difference already after the first night without your phone or laptop nearby. Switch your electronical devices off and take a book to read or start a journal and you will feel so refreshed in the morning.

5. Meditate before sleep

Meditation can help you fall asleep deeply and have a very restful sleep. Try it. You can find some meditations in my free recourse library. 

6. Do some night yoga poses

Check out some good night yoga poses, that can relax you and ease you into a good night sleep. I will post a video with good night yoga poses. Yin Yoga is also very popular for a really good night sleep.

7. Instead of Coffee, try some herbal teas or ginger so you can fall asleep more easy

If you are a coffeelover you could avoid any caffeine after 2 pm, cause caffeine stays in your body longer, than you might think and feel during the day. In the night you may still feel the caffein kicking in, what leads to sleepless nights and tired days. Try instead some ginger to boost you energy through the day and you feel much more relaxed at night

Yoga entrepreneur tips

Yoga entrepreneur tips​

8. No food before bedtime

Maybe you have heard: “You sleep best with a full belly”. That might be true regarding how quickly you may fall asleep directly after eating, but its more kind of passing out, “food coma”, but its not good for your body and less for the quality of your sleep. Usually sleeping with a full belly gives you nervous dreams and restless sleep all night and you will feel exhausted in the morning. Thats cause the body needs a lot of functions to digest the food and while the parasymphatetic nervous system is active, it needs much more energy to digestion than it would need for giving you a good night sleep.

Best is the interval fasting, so you dont eat any food anymore after 5 pm. This helps you imense with sleeping better. Also with losing weight and an overall healthy lifestyle

9. Create a skincare routine

Getting used to a night skincare routine can help you relax and sleep much better. It gives you the feeling of self-care and -love that you deserve every day. This can be a gentle peeling (organic and/or sefmade), a nice nurturing night cream with calming effect, a skin brushing session or a face mask before sleep. Brushing your skin have detoxifing effects on your body and cells. It also heats up your body in cold months and leaves a comfortable, tingeling sensation all over your body and face. Drinking a hot camomile tea or a nice sleeping tea before going to bed can be also a very relaxing, self loving ritual before going to bed and gives you a nice feeling before going to your dreams.


I hope you will sleep well,

I´m Tosca Elisabeth Peric

I help intuitive beings, connecting with your life force energy (shakti, chi) to stay in an open heart, overflow with love, connect with your sexual energies and desires, grow your confidence and your life. 

I believe in your magic. 

I’m helping you activate your inner goddess/god

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