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Welcome to the Goddess Gang

Being on the spiritual path can feel lonely and also sometimes frightening.

When I started my spiritual journey more than 10 years ago, I remember feeling very lonely and it seemed no one understood why I was reading all of these books, sitting for hours in silence to connect with my body and soul and disconnecting from the world and my mind.

I created this community to connect with like-minded women around the globe and to empower each other to keep going on our spiritual paths and to unlock our goddess powers that lie within.

Goddess Gang

The 12 month program for your emotional wellbeing

We come together in sisterhood and rise.

Goddess Gang is for you if you are a woman who wants to:

  • letting go of old believe systems, that dont serve you any longer
  •  get new perspectives and see the world differently in a more self loving way
  • start to attract your soulmate and your soulmate clients
  • self discovery
  • remember your true potential
  • sacred community that empowers you, helps you to gain more selfworth and selftrust
  • desiring to lead yourself from your feminine energy
  • learn about feminine and masculine energies and how they influence you and your surrounding
  • learn sacred alchemy
  • learn all about healthy relationships and how to set healthy boundaries
  • claim your confidence and selfworth
  • break free from old patterns 
  • learn to embody your sex power

Goddess Gang is about integrating your selflove

Maybe you already started your inner work journey, you visited a retreat or you went to some workshops, but somehow in your day to day life you forgot about how divine you truely are…

It´s time to remind you again, to connect yourself. To the divine, that lays inside, to connect to your power and your desires, your truth and your purpose. The goddess gang is here to remind you in our monthly group calls and in the workshops, that are presented every week!

Tosca elisabeth Peric

What goddess gang offers you


And much more topics. Every month we upload new topics and workshops.

what we do monthly

Virtual goddess circle with Tosca

I support you personally with my knowledge, tools and past experiences.

Each month we share in this empowering women circle our deepest desires, wishes, fears and achievements. We celebrate our sisters and acknoledge their divinity, therefore we find divinity in ourselves and through the empowerment feel more confident, more trust in our intuition, in ourselves and others.



Learn my tools

Learn my tools that I collected over the past years around the world to buddhist monks in Thailand, from teachers in India or from the downloads when sitting in meditations. Also learn the tools from my guest speakers, that I invite every month into our goddess circle.


I invite you to give yourself this journey

If you have been waiting for a sign  to 

call to action

Take this as a gift for yourself, a great opportunity to discover yourself, your deepest desires and bring clarity into your love, business and life. If you have been waiting for a sign  


what you´ll get

Each month you´ll recieve

✺ video workshop with Tosca

✺ goddess circle 

✺ guest workshops around the topics, sacred sexuality, divine feminie, divine masculine, selflove, selfworth and so much more

✺ free meditations to relax your nervous system and start to easily manifest your desires in love, business and life. 



Each month new modules with guest goddesses

Get to know to my guest speakers, that are gonna join our circle each month. 


Transformational Experience

Balance your nervous system

Find inner freedom

Discover your goddess potential

get inspired and unlock your creative powers

Reconnect with your body

Turn your wounds into wisdom


Dance Medicine & Sacred Embodiment

Reconnect with your body, your intuition and your energy. Our bodies are so intelligent, when we connect with our body, we connect with our ancestrals knowledge. In Dance Medicine and Sacred Embodiment we do get rid or our blockages, fears, stuck emotions and what is holding us back and we do let our life energy flow freely.


Safe space

In the Goddess Gang container I create a safe and sacred space for you and my goddesses so you can grow, expand and rise in a non judgemental space! We support each other and we do unsterand each other better than anyone else. We have the same interests and we all go through the same or similar things, so we can beautifully understand each other. 

for you

Sacred Connection with yourself

You want this feeling of stable happiness and self worth that are not like a stock market price that fluctuates from moment to moment, depending on the fleeting whims, moods, emotions and other people. You want to be strong and non dependent. 

Constant growth

We grow together and give you company on your own spiritual journey! We do support you, we root for you. When you heal, you not only heal yourself and your surrounding, but also your ancestors lineage, your parents and your whole family! This is the reason why I want to do this project!


Learn about Sacred Sexuality and healthy relationships

The opportunity to discover your deepest desires, liberate your sexual energy, that is life force energy and unlock your goddess potential. Not just with a partner, but with yourself.

comfortable online coaching

Retreat from the comfort of your home

Maybe you already started your inner work journey, you visited a retreat or you came to some workshops, but somehow in the day to day life you forgot about how divine you truely are…

It´s time to remind you again, to connect yourself to the divine and you can do that from the comfort of your home. Also there will be always a replay available for you to see anytime and how many times you wish.

so much more

and much much more

Every month there are many new topics, interviews and
informations around the self development and self love for yourself.

Tosca elisabeth Peric

What goddess gang offers you


And much more tools. Every month we upload new workshops and we do have new guest speakers.

Founder of goddess gang

Hey beautiful soul

I am Tosca and I will guide you

Tosca guides the women in retreats and in the goddess gang to a better understand of themselves, to a deeper and loving connecting with themselves. She coaches in groups and individually the women and helps them to gain more clearance and self confidence. Tosca traveled the last years many times around the globe, lived in Bali, India, Nepal and visited Thailand, meditated with monks in a buddhist monestary for the vipassana practice (sitting 10 days in silence in mediation for 8 hours/day and fasting for 20 hours a day), Cambodia and many other exotic places to deepen her practice and knowledge about Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, different philosophies and mindsets. In her experiences as a worldtraveler and nomad she discovered her own blockages and throught the tools she learned from her gurus, teachers and herself she discovered ways to remove them and connect with her highest self and this is what she shares now with the women in the retreat.

 Tosca has Yoga teacher certificates of 500 hours and she teaches Hatha, Yin and Vinyasa Yoga.  She works as an empowerment and leadership coach for mainly women, but also men. Her maintopics are the sacred principles to connect with the sacred femine and the sacred masculine in yourself and others, sacred sexuality, how to transform your sexual energy into lifeenergy and how to rejuvenate yourself through this process. She gives private mentorships and group coachings.

And what Tosca says about herself: I am obsessed with self development, yoga, good books, self growth, empowerment, dogs dogs dogs and cats 🙂 traveling, community, meditations, yoga nidra, kundalini yoga and really good and healthy food. My sign is cancer, thats why I am an open and loving person who loves to be with other persons, but also I had to learn my lessions not be too much giving, keeping myself, being independet in relationships, taking responsability for myself and my decisions, stand to myself, no matter what and how to protect my energy. The last 10 years I devote myself to learning, growing and sharing what I learned along the way, how to manifest, how to set healthy boundaries, how to have healthy relationships, and most importantly how to have a healthy relationship with myself. 



Absolutely fantastic experience . Great practice that have been tailored precisely to my individual pain points. The class with Tosca Elisabeth was exactly what I wanted.

Review by …


Gorgeous, it was beautiful !! It was the first time for me and I could only fall in love with what we do more!!! Tosca is amazing, a passion was born for me!!!

Tosca elisabeth Peric

Goddess Gang

Take your inner work to the next level

Our Services

Golden Goddess

Why this price?

€58 a month works out to around €1,90 per day, or £1.64, less than a takeaway coffee. See this membership like a monthly gym membership for your emotinal wellbeing. This is a commitment for yourself, for your growth. See it as a sacred gift, an investment in yourself. Real changes and embodiment dont happen overnight and needs some time to understand and integrate.

Instead of spending thousands on retreats, 1:1 coachings and workshops you can see this as an opportunity to invest in your emotional wellbeing.

This is for women who are ready to take back their goddess power and integrate it in their day to day lives.

Tosca elisabeth Peric

Whats included

Join our Goddess Gang now and get access to the community

✺ A monthly workshop on a different topic each month

✺ A monthly Goddess Gang Circle group coaching call hosted by Tosca

✺ Dance Medicine: Body in movement to unlock your powers

✺ Monthly collective energy readings with our in house astrologer

✺ Every month new guest experts sharing their knowledge

✺ An invitation into a members only Facebook community, where you can connect with your sisters and share what you want to share, get support from other goddesses

Inside The Goddess Gang, we require a 12 month minimum commitment.

A commitment to 12 months of growing and feeling, of laughing, crying and healing.

We have an annual plan, where you pay in full, or a monthly plan, where you pay in 12 parts.

Choose your option below to become a member.

Price is in € Euro.


Bonus offer


Exclusive 20% off the whole collection for Goddess Gang Members

Tosca Elisabeth Peric

Join us now

Tosca elisabeth

The most important relationship is the one with yourself

The Goddess Gang is a safe space for you to flourish, grow, connect, laugh, cry, expand and rise

Tosca elisabeth


The Goddess Gang is a safe space for you to flourish, grow, connect, laugh, cry, expand and rise

Growth doesnt happen over night, that´s why we believe, that a commitment for yourself can help you fulfill your goals and your dreams. Attending retreats, seminars and workshops is great, but normally in the day to day life we tend to forget everything. This commitment is here to remind you to keep going and to not forget yourself and your inner work. 

Yes dear, there is a payment plan. You can easily do the payments each month or you can pay the whole year, as you like.

All of our goddess circles will be recorded and can be watched later on and as many times as you wish. The rest of the program and all the workshops are also recorded and can be watched whenever and how many times you like.

All sales are full and final.  Refunds will not be issued. We’re confident that the community and content are exactly what you are looking for!

As a member of Goddess Gang you have an exclusive discount of 20% on all products, the unique couture pieces handmade by Tosca as well all the other products.

Free guided meditation

Connect with your higher self and manifest your desired outcome for your life and business