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Alchemized Retreat Nov´24

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Alchemized Retreat Nov´24

She is the Muse Retreat

Yoga & Detox Retreats

Feminine Leadership Training Retreat

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Embody your feminine energy, connect with your inner goddess, rlease liming beliefs and step into your new self-love era.

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The Golden Shadow Work & Play Book

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Yoga & detox
 retreats Croatia

Let´s detox! Nourishing high-quality yoga & detox retreat for your body, mind, spirit, soul, heart and energy.

This retreat is a powerful catalyst for tapping into the limitless energy of yourself.

This transformational retreat is specifically designed to support you in breaking through limiting beliefs, letting go, and reconnecting with your authentic truth and your feminine wisdom. 
Get ready to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and manifestation.

Now is your moment to cast off the weight of old emotions and transform them into new energies. Shed those limiting beliefs that have held you back, and step boldly into the full spectrum of your power. Embrace this journey of self-discovery, allowing your authentic self to flourish, and tap into the wellspring of your feminine energy. It's time to rewrite your narrative, embrace your essence, and radiate your true self unapologetically.

Dear Beloved Sister,
You deserve to take a break, you deserve to let go, and you deserve to be held, seen, and surrounded by love. 

You are worthy of sisterhood, recharging yourself, rejuvenation, a new beginning, a return to your essence, and a reawakening that surpasses your imagination. Step into a transformative journey where you can set free the wild, creative, wise, and unseen facets of your being.

Release what no longer serves you. Grieve, heal, and embrace change. 
Embrace this 5-day immersion in self-love to nurture the areas in need of care, clarity, and focus.

This retreat is an invitation for your mind, body, soul, and spirit to harmonize, a sacred space where every part of you is cherished and nurtured.

An invitation to be nurtured, held, seen, and uplifted as you embark on a journey into the sacred and feminine corners of your soul.

Through hands-on guidance and within small groups, this intimate setting offers an ideal haven for your journey of healing, transformation, and awakening and a high quality experience for you. Here, your progress will unfold in a secure, efficient, and beautifully integrated manner.

If you have any question, please reach out to me and if you feel called to join this unique immersion, please apply here for it. See the Alchemized, Wild Alchemy Retreat here or the Feminine Leadership Training Retreat.


Discover this serene villa, quietly situated in Istria's natural landscape. It offers breathtaking views of the Kvarner Bay and Croatia's northern Adriatic islands. The villa includes modest gardens for quiet moments and a small organic farm providing fresh vegetables and fruits. This location combines comfort, tranquility and simplicity, ideal for a peaceful stay amidst Croatia's scenic outdoors.


Immerse yourself in the expansive space with its lush gardens and ample spaces to relax, connect, or find solitude. Enjoy breathtaking views, serenity, and a sense of deep peace and tranquility throughout your stay. The Učka National Park is just a 15 minute drive away and the beaches are reachable by walking in 20 minutes or by car in 15 minutes.

Yoga & self-love retreats

One of the magical views from the Villa. 

The Villa

Yoga & Detox retreat

Women Only Retreat

Villa Pearl with breathtaking vistas and quiet, peaceful places to retreat, connect invites you to rest, relax and refill your energies. The organic garden with fig trees and vegetables growing in abundance invites you for fresh organic meals fresh from farm to table. The Villa offers shared places and one private room. You will have access to terasses,, the living room, your own tea ktichen, we cook for you of course and a dining room, the gardens and wonderful surrounding. 


  • Get deeply nourished on an emotional and spiritual level 

  • Detox your body and mind

  • Rest, restore and recharge your batteries

  • Connect with the feminine energy fields within and around you

  • Give yourself permission to feel everything that moves you, everything that is within yo

  • Make lifelong friendships with your new soul sisterhood

  • Immerse yourself in the healing powers of nature

  • Commit to your personal growth & spiritual expansion

  • Walk on this journey of lifelong self-love

  • Tune into your goddess potential 

  • Express yourself creatively

Yoga & Detox Retreats Croatia


Daily Feminine Centered Yoga Sessions
Guided Meditations
Embodied and Experienced Mentor, that is ready to hold you
Empowering Sisterhood 
Safe Space for Your Souls Journey
Transformative Workshops
Sacred Cacao Ceremony
Breathwork Session
Embodiment Sessions
Release Ritual
Freetime to get to know your new sisters, Journal, Nap, Go to the Beach or enjoy the lush gardens in our sanctuary
Yoga Nidra Session
Ecstatic Dance 
Deepening your connection with nature and your Highest Self
Creative Expression Activity or Voice Activation
Accommodation in a breathtaking art space and gardens with amazing views
Ayurvedic detox meals, drinks, water, teas and snacks 

Yoga & Detox Retreats Croatia

Your Space holder


Founder, Feminine embodiment & self-discovery coach

Meet your mentor and host: Tosca, 500 Hours Yoga Alliance certified Yoga teacher, Meditation teacher, Embodiment and Empowerment Coach, Mindfulness Guide, Tao Tantric for Women & Self-love Expert, nomad, and world traveler, always curious and loves to hear about your story!

Yoga & Detox Retreats Croatia


My vision for this retreat and in general is to create a sacred space where women can come together, empower one another, and cultivate deep connections in sisterhood. 

It is a gathering that goes beyond personal growth and encompasses a collective mission to elevate the collective consciousness. 

Through transformative practices and heart-centered experiences, we will tap into our inner wisdom, embrace our authentic selves, and support each other in embracing our highest potential. 

Yoga & Detox Retreats Croatia


Women Only Retreat

Yoga & Detox retreats

Savor carefully selected, uplifting food that nourishes both your body and soul. Our culinary team crafts each meal with love and intention, using fresh, organic ingredients to support your well-being. 
From vibrant salads to nourishing plant-based dishes, every bite celebrates vitality and self-care. Indulge in delicious, soul-nurturing food and drinks that fuel your body and uplifts your spirit on this transformative retreat.

Transformational Retreats, that change your life.

You deserve a life of meaning, passion, and purpose. Go and take the leap and break up with conditions, societal pressures, get to know and tame your pain-body and inner critic and let your inner artist come fully to life.

Tosca is a feminine empowerment and embodiment coach, as well as a 500-hour yoga alliance certified yoga teacher with years of teaching experience, who helped many women over the last years in gaining more self-love, joy, and pleasure in their lives.

With a deep-rooted passion for yoga, mindfulness, meditation, breathwork, and embodiment practices, Tosca has dedicated over 15 years to studying and practicing these modalities. Having traveled the world for years to learn from ancient philosophies and methods, Tosca brings a global perspective and a wealth of wisdom to her work.

As a retreat facilitator for women's retreats, she creates transformative and sacred spaces for women to reconnect with their inner strength, embrace authenticity, and experience profound growth. In addition to her retreat work.

Tosca empowers women to step into their leadership potential and create purposeful lives. With her compassionate approach, Tosca supports her clients in awakening their feminine essence, reclaiming their power, and cultivating lives filled with joy and fulfillment.

Tosca is committed to guiding and empowering women on their transformative journeys, offering her expertise and unwavering support along the way. She is specializing in balancing the sacred feminine & the sacred masculine, Tao Tantra for Women, and sacred sexuality. With private mentorships and group coaching, she empowers individuals to embrace their essence and experience profound personal growth.

I'm Tosca, your new feminine embodiment, tantra & empowerment Coach, Mentor & BFF

Hey Goddess

"Seriously the best decision to go on Tosca´s Retreat. Just do it."

I can’t begin to describe what a transformative week I had with Tosca at the private retreats. I ended up receiving so much more than I ever expected.

In Tosca’s capable hands, I was given a unique opportunity to challenge some of the long-held ideas and beliefs about myself that I didn’t even know I was carrying. I was provided a safe space to grieve and heal from wounds I thought were long buried. I was offered, patiently and consistently, an open and accepting heart as she gently guided me through a very difficult transition in my life.
I am grateful for her willingness to listen and hold space for me with so much love and compassion. Tosca truly has an exquisite gift and I highly recommend one of her retreats. If it doesn’t transform the way you approach your spirituality entirely, it will, at the very least, shift your perceptions of your deepest self and the way you view the world. You will leave with the feeling that your very soul was both heard and loved.

Paige, 1:1 private retreat


"Tosca creates the most welcoming non-judgmental environment. I walked away knowing that I am enough and that I will always have unconditional love within myself."

Branda, Self-love 1:1 Private Retreat


Branda, Self-love 1:1 Private Retreat


We covered so many aspects including limiting beliefs, emotional alchemy, shadow work. This was truly eye opening. I walked away knowing that I am enough and that I will always have unconditional love within myself. I don’t need to try and find it and approval in another person. I can be me and that is wonderful!

I really enjoyed waking my inner goddess. I have stuffed my inner goddess down for years. I have not truly let her out. With Tosca’s help through meditation and exercises. I was able to see her for the first time in a long time. I need to remember she is always there and let her out! I recognize she is truly beautiful, fun and adventurous.

I was carrying so much hurt and pain. This was causing my energy to be blocked. Tosca showed me through meditation and letting go exercises, I was able to release some of this hurt.
I enjoyed the Cacao ceremony. It really brought together all the sessions into a final ceremony that left a lifelong impression on me. I felt amazing at the end of the retreat. It couldn’t have been more perfect. Tosca also set up a Sound Healing for me which felt good. It really helped keep my energies flowing and focus on the me that is going to love herself going forward.

I would highly recommend this retreat for any woman that needs to remember who she is and that she is loved! Tosca creates the most welcoming non-judgmental environment. The accommodations were beautiful, warm and inviting. The food was amazing, beautiful and very healthy. a space where everyone can share, and everyone can heal.

"Tosca makes you feel so loved, seen, understood and felt"

We felt very encouraged by Tosca and each other. Tosca really supported us during the whole process. She shows a lot of compassion, especially for the ones needing more support. She was able to give each and every one of us what we needed from this program.

I went through a lot of feelings during this time, I connected to my soft energy, as well as to my powerful energy. This program is a space to really be open, to share, and to show, what is inside. Tosca really supports us to be open and to look inside, because sometimes it is scary to go through that process, to be ourselves, or to express ourselves and I think it's not an easy job to create a space where everyone can share, and everyone can heal.

Lin, Women of the wild retreat


"This retreat was everything that I needed and wished for and so much more."

Tosca, I want to thank you for this wonderful retreat and your coaching. It was all about the feminine energy, and you took care of each one of us. I was able to discover my soft energy, as well as my own power. we experienced true togetherness and you took care of us at all times. I really, really enjoyed being here and I opened my heart, I could really show some intimate things about myself feeling completely safe and supported. For this, I want to thank you, from all of my heart.

Miriam, group retreat


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