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I’m so excited that you found my page! Do you believe in destiny or do you believe in strategies? I do believe in both! And what I also believe is, that your knowledge is unique and you have something valuable to share with the world!  I am here to help you spread your word! I am here to help you overcome a blocked money mindset and set your talents free to share with the world so you can finally build the yoga business that you are dreaming of!

Learn the Core Strategies, that will help you get more traffic, subscribers and sales. You will leave this training with a system, that will grow your tribe and grow your website/ social media into a buzzing profitable online yoga business. Ready to start your training now?

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Hi there,
my name is Tosca and i help yoga teachers and wellness entrepreneurs build a thriving online business and show them how to start their first online course without the overwhelm and stress, that you are experiencing before having a step by step strategy to success!

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From fashion designer and stylist, to yoga teacher, longterm traveler and out of the box thinker. I spent the last years in marketing my own yoga business and thought: I could help other yoga teachers with my methods and strategies, that I figured out so their business thrives as well! And here we are now!  



Have you ever seen super successful Yoga teachers and wellness entrepreneurs and wondered, “How in the universe are they making money?”

Guess what, they dont have more hours in a day like you, none are they more talented. They have a high converting business strategy a positive money mindset and marketing knowledge, that converts their subscribers into paying clients! Nothing that you cannot learn in 60 days with me! You can enroll in my online yoga business course, or read on my blog about yoga business, money mindset and yoga marketing.



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Tosca Yoga Fuerteventura

My name is Tosca, hehe yes this is a real name and yes the name is given in my passport!


my origin is (all my life I thought not from this planet) but my parents are proving, that I am half german and half croatian, living in spain at the moment 😀 Hehe with an italian name. I traveled and lived abroud the last 5 years and I am not planning on going to live in germany at the moment. I just love the good weather, the beach and foreign countries and cultures. Everywhere I travel I do lots of Yoga, meditation, Surf courses and always at least one typical (mostly vegan or vegetarian) cooking course! Its a must! So I can cook and surprise my loved ones with the dishes, that I learn on my travels. 

I speak 3 and a half languages fluently and  half of the lockdown I spent in India and Nepal 2020, until I came flown to europe. 

I love cooking, gardening, hanging out with friends on the beach, meditation, yoga, sometimes surfing and the funny thing is, my friends say the only german thing about me is, that I love potatoes soo much! and love to make potatoe salad and sauerkraut (that I prepare every month) 😀 


I used to work as a professional fashion designer and stylist in Berlin and all over europe. 

this is already many years ago 😀 I had my own couture fashion brand, that I called “Mimi Berlin” and I love it, to design, make the cut and even sew the couture pieces by myself. At this time I had no Idea about Marketing, Business or anything related to a fashion brand, that doesnt have to do anything with designin or sewing. Shame on the fashion school I went to.. We didnt learn anything to be a successful business owner.  I moved to Barcelona and didnt speak a word spanish, so I did the most easy thing for me at this moment: Modeling, I hated it! Really! But slowly I began to find all the treasures in the endless Vintagestores of Barcelona and also a lot in Italy and opened my first Vintage Online Store “Miss Bohemian” We did many photos for the shop and I started to market it on my instagram, I found strategies to tell my story and the story of “Miss Bohemian” The instaprofile took off and many boho brands started to offer me clothes and money to promote their brand with my photos.  This was 2015. 

Since years I was diy-ing my own business strategies, my own brand and ideas and you know what? I never postet it until some months ago! For me the lockdown (and I am really sorry, that for others this was tragic and bad vibes all around) was finally a way to really focus, on what I wanna do and going for it! I realised the impact of procrastination, the so called imposter syndrom, that makes you postphone everything, basically your whole life, until one day it is too late for it! But I also went into the deepest depth of my soul and ego and found out some strategies to overcome this nasty monster called procratination and guess what: It is just a tiny little mouse, being scared and sitting in a room getting the lights fullon from under, so the shadow makes it look much more impressive than it finally is! YOU ARE NOT YOUR MIND! YOU USE YOUR MIND! I have some powerful tools in my course, that will help you overcome also your nasty monster! 

I always had this huge wish to do good for the world and to help transit into a better vibration! If you are having the same dream and wish to help humankind with your talents, I just want to say: YOU ARE IMPORTANT AND YOU HAVE SOMETHING VALUABLE TO SAY! WE WANT TO HEAR AND SEE WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY! IT WOULD BE A SHAME AND SHOULD BE A CRIME, IF YOU DONT SHARE YOUR GIFT WITH THE WORLD. 

If you have the feeling, you are destined to do good for the world an you want to start your own online business, where you can share your gifts with the world, than you are here more than welcome and I would love to connect with you!

Here are some of travelpics, also from the time when I used to live in my van “Furgi” but many more you can find on my instagram and I plan to open up a “travel” page on my website. So stay tuned, 

Love, Peace


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