Dear goddess


Being on the spiritual path can feel lonely and also sometimes frightening.

When I started my spiritual journey more than 10 years ago, I remember feeling very lonely and it seemed no one understood why I was reading all of these books, sitting for hours in silence to connect with my body and soul and disconnecting from the world and my mind.

I created this community to connect with like-minded women around the globe and to empower each other to keep going on our spiritual paths and to unlock our goddess powers that lie within.


Embodied Feminie Leadership Training

This is a deep personal and professional transformation course, so there are no excursion. You can go for a walk or hike in your free time, but we suggest, that you fully concentrate on the training. Of course we give you the freedom to decide for yourself. 

Goddess Gang

All the tools that you learn here you can take into your feminine leader business, you can start or improve your already excisting business to the next level. Learn how to step into your feminie magnetism, radiance and creativity. Learn how to lead your collective your community in embodied love and flow, instead of from a place of mind Learn how to attract, not to struggle and force from the maskuline. Sacred Sexuality Own your Pleasure Tantric Arts Wound healing around the feminine, sisterwound, mother wound Intuition workshop Business Principles Healthy Selflove development and excercises Trust in yourself and the world Authenticity Radical Honesty Desire Manifestation Compassion Boundaries self validation self empowering union of maskuline and feminie energy in you personal and professional evolution and transformation Support from your soul sisters Holding sacred space for you to be who you truely are Blockage Remove Excercise. Once enough blocks have been cleared from the body and energetic pathways, it is possible to experience the movement of the life force energy through the body. This is a healthy practice, as it helps to rejuvenate the organs, glands and nervous system Friday: Day 1 15:00: Arrival at the villa - accomodate yourself in the Villa, get settled, connect, relax in the garden or living area or in your room 18:00: Opening Ceremony with Sacred Cacao, Introduction, Get to know, Sharing and Ecstatic Dance, Emotional Blockage Remove, Shamanic Drum: The art of letting go. Sacred Space for you to let go 20:30 Healthy Ayurvedic Dinner Saturday: Day 2 9:00 Sadhana Yoga & Meditation Practice 11:00 Brunch 14:00 Guided Inner Child Medtiation - Inner Child Healing 15:00 Deep Shadow Workshop 17:00 Snack 19:00 Yoga Nidra 20:00 Dinner Sunday: Day 3 Womb Breathing and Feeling - Wisdom Mindful Menstruation How to time your business acording to your cycle Monday: Day 4 Yoga and Meditation Brunch Ovarian & Womb Purification Breathing Yoni Egg & Tao Sacred Sexuality Orgasms Day 5 Dance Medicine Bodywork Orgasmic Manifestation Integration Masculine and Feminine into yourself - healing Emotional Alchemy Day 6 Feminine Business Empire How to attract your soul clients Build your Feminie Business Soulful Marketing + selling Soul Business Mindset Day 7 Integration and Closing Circle Brunch and check out

Tosca elisabeth Peric

What goddess gang offers you


And much more topics. Every month we upload new topics and workshops.

Tosca Elisabeth Peric

Embodied Female Leadership Training


1:1 Coaching - Inner Child Healing

Take this as a gift for yourself, a great opportunity to discover yourself, your deepest desires and bring clarity into your love, business and life. If you have been waiting for a sign  



Retreats + Workshops Schedule

Balance your nervous system

Find inner freedom

Discover your goddess potential

get inspired and unlock your creative powers

Reconnect with your body

Turn your wounds into wisdom


Embodied Feminine Leadership Training

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The accomodation


The lovely villa in Granadilla waits for you 

The owner put a lot heart into the renovation of the resort.

This accommodation is facilitated with 8 double rooms with single beds, 1 outdoor yoga decks and an indoor Shala with breathtaking ocean view, a spacious yoga living room, a jacuzzi, an outdoor finnish sauna, different layers of terrace gardens full of beautiful plants and tasty fruit, a sun terrace with lovely sun lounges, an open and honest kitchen, and quiet space to withdraw into yourself.

It also provides you with towels for the bathroom and the jacuzzi, yoga mats, soft cushions, and other accessories during the yoga and workshops.

The finca and the main accommodations offer:

➤ 8 yogi rooms at the location to host groups up to 21 people

➤ Jacuzzi

➤ Finnish Sauna

➤ sun deck with sun beds and comfortable seats

➤1 fully equipped outdoor yoga decks

➤indoor yoga shala with ocean view

➤in-house multipurpose yoga living room 

➤dining in- and outside

➤slow food – vegetarian + vegan kitchen

➤ organic meals and healthy bites

➤ delicious homemade drinks

➤ cooking workshop facilities

➤ different floors of terrace gardens with organic vegetables and fruits

➤ palm trees on your left and palm trees on your right

➤ outside terraces for dinner gatherings

➤ meditation and hangout spots across the terrain

➤ safe “silent” walking areas

➤ always a private spot for relaxing in the shade

➤ massage facilities 

➤ close to el Medano and beautiful beaches around

Choose your accomodation

Included are accommodation, yoga, meditations, workshops, cocoa ceremony, ecstatic dance, group coaching, hiking, sound healing session, meals, drinks, detox juices, teas, healthy snacks, a relaxation and breathing exercise manual, certificate

8 Day Training

Twin room

1 Person
3500 8 days
  • All inclusive
Early Bird

Private Single Room

1 Person
4000 8 days
  • All inclusive

Founder of goddess gang

Hey beautiful soul

I am Tosca and I will guide you

Tosca guides the women in retreats and in the goddess gang to a better understand of themselves, to a deeper and loving connecting with themselves. She coaches in groups and individually the women and helps them to gain more clearance and self confidence. Tosca traveled the last years many times around the globe, lived in Bali, India, Nepal and visited Thailand, meditated with monks in a buddhist monestary for the vipassana practice (sitting 10 days in silence in mediation for 8 hours/day and fasting for 20 hours a day), Cambodia and many other exotic places to deepen her practice and knowledge about Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, different philosophies and mindsets. In her experiences as a worldtraveler and nomad she discovered her own blockages and throught the tools she learned from her gurus, teachers and herself she discovered ways to remove them and connect with her highest self and this is what she shares now with the women in the retreat.

 Tosca has Yoga teacher certificates of 500 hours and she teaches Hatha, Yin and Vinyasa Yoga.  She works as an empowerment and leadership coach for mainly women, but also men. Her maintopics are the sacred principles to connect with the sacred femine and the sacred masculine in yourself and others, sacred sexuality, how to transform your sexual energy into lifeenergy and how to rejuvenate yourself through this process. She gives private mentorships and group coachings.

And what Tosca says about herself: I am obsessed with self development, yoga, good books, self growth, empowerment. traveling, community, meditations, yoga nidra, kundalini yoga and really good and healthy food. My sign is cancer, thats why I am an open and loving person who loves to be with other persons, but also I had to learn my lessions not be too much giving, keeping myself, being independet in relationships, taking responsability for myself and my decisions, stand to myself, no matter what and how to protect my energy. The last 10 years I devote myself to learning, growing and sharing what I learned along the way, how to manifest, how to set healthy boundaries, how to have healthy relationships, and most importantly how to have a healthy relationship with myself. 

Tosca elisabeth

The most important relationship is the one with yourself

The Goddess Gang is a safe space for you to flourish, grow, connect, laugh, cry, expand and rise

Tosca elisabeth


This a safe space for you to flourish, grow, connect, laugh, cry, expand and rise

Growth doesnt happen over night, that´s why we believe, that a commitment for yourself can help you fulfill your goals and your dreams. Attending retreats, seminars and workshops is great, but normally in the day to day life we tend to forget everything. This commitment is here to remind you to keep going and to not forget yourself and your inner work. 

Yes dear, there is a payment plan. You can easily do the payments each month or you can pay the whole year, as you like.

All of our goddess circles will be recorded and can be watched later on and as many times as you wish. The rest of the program and all the workshops are also recorded and can be watched whenever and how many times you like.

All sales are full and final.  Refunds will not be issued. We’re confident that the community and content are exactly what you are looking for!

As a member of Goddess Gang you have an exclusive discount of 20% on all products, the unique couture pieces handmade by Tosca as well all the other products.