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Alchemized Retreat Nov´24

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Embarking on a journey of womb healing offers a profound opportunity to reconnect with your body's wisdom and nurture a harmonious balance within. In this article, we'll explore five transformative ways to heal your womb, promoting not only physical well-being but also emotional and spiritual growth

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Unlock the Wisdom of Your Womb: Awaken Your Divine Feminine Energies

The womb is a powerful and magical place, where all life begins and that holds intuitive wisdom and creative vitality. The womb, as well as our body goes through the cycles of life and each month through the cycle of the moon. 

The womb can also be a place where traumas, emotions and pain, numbness and disconnection can be stored. 

That´s why we practice womb healing and has been practiced in ancient times even more regularly. 

We summed up five powerful ways to heal the Womb in this article. 

Before practicing with the jade yoni egg and circulate sexual energy, it is best to practice emotional clearing. 


A Journey to Self-Love and Empowerment, written by Embodiment Coach Tosca Elisabeth Peric

Why It Is So Important To Heal Your Womb

The womb serves not only as a physical space for creation but also as a repository for our emotions and experiences. It can become a vessel for traumas, emotions, pain, and even a sense of numbness and disconnection. Ancient traditions recognized the womb's significance and incorporated womb healing practices into their rituals, understanding the deep interconnectedness between the womb, the psyche, and overall well-being. By engaging in these age-old practices, we honor the wisdom of our ancestors and embark on a journey of holistic healing, reconnecting with our womb's innate vitality and emotional resonance.


Tune into the wisdom of your womb

Why It Is So Important To Heal and Connect With Your Womb

Clearing the energetic blockages in the womb can amplify your intuition and connection to your inner guidance.

Enhanced Intuition


Energetic healing of the womb can have positive effects on menstrual cycles, fertility, and overall reproductive health.

Physical Well-Being


Emotional Release

Energetic womb healing can help release stored emotions, trauma, and negative energy, leading to emotional clarity and balance.


Creative Expression:


 A balanced and healed womb energy can unlock your creativity, allowing you to express yourself more authentically.


Relationship Healing

Healing your womb energy can positively impact your relationships by promoting healthy boundaries and self-love.

Energetic womb healing can help you reclaim your personal power and step into your authentic self.




Clearing womb energy can dissolve limiting beliefs that may have been blocking your personal growth and progress.

Release of Limiting Beliefs


Womb healing can deepen your connection to the sacred feminine energy within, fostering a sense of self-worth and empowerment.

Sacred Feminine Connection

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Healing Generational Patterns:



Energetic womb healing can help break patterns that may have been passed down through generations, promoting healing not only for you but for your lineage.

Energy Flow:

Energetic healing of the womb can restore healthy energy flow throughout your body, leading to overall vitality and wellness.

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Why is it for me so important to share my knowledge about Feminine Energies: To me, it holds immense importance to spread awareness about feminine energies. I wholeheartedly believe that our world could become more enriching if we collectively took a moment to pause, introspect, and truly understand ourselves. This is the driving force behind my creation of this e-book, which I offer as a gift to you. By delving into the depths of feminine energies, I aspire to inspire self-reflection and contribute to a journey of personal growth and transformation.

A free guide for you to tune into your feminine essence 

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Here are 5 Ways to Heal the Womb

Yoni steaming is beeing used since ancient times. his is a practice that has been around for thousands of years. A yoni steam is the process of boiling water and placing specific herbs in it, and squatting over the steam so it can enter your vagina and womb. The benefits can be: regulating your period, balancing hormones, helping with yoni dryness, and easing your periods. 

The energetic benefits can be to release everything, that you don’t want to have energetically in your yoni and womb space anymore. Also energetic cords can be released with this yoni steam practice.

Your Yoni Steam Herbs: 

Basil, Chamomile, Lemongrass, Rosemary, Lavender, Oregano, Motherwort, Marigold, Calendula

Each herb has its different benefits, and when used as a mix will add potency to your steam.

Cautions to yoni steaming: you should not do it while you are on your moon or pregnant. Do not steam longer than 30 minutes, and begin with steam once a month and see how your body reacts.


Pleasure is our favorite way to heal and Self-Pleasure brings even more relaxing, rejuvenating and healing benefits. 

We are not talking about a quick fix orgasm here. 

We talk about taking the time to explore your yoni, womb and all the emotions, that are stored in it. 

This may take some practice, deep breathings, exploring and a lot of courage. You got it girl! 

You can start by setting an intention, meditate some moments on it and then start to explore from the outside your womb area.

Maybe you want to use some oil. Take your time. Breath in and out slowly, feel all the emotions, feel past emotional pain, whatever comes up: allow yourself to stay in this feeling and hold yourself in loving awareness in it. 

Whenever you are ready, you can move onto your yoni and womb. You can use a crystal wand, yoni egg or your hands with some oil and explore the same sensations, emotions. Let go of all stored, stale energies and invite loving pleasure and joy. 

You can learn more methods in my coaching programs and retreats. 

There are more Tao Tantra practices for Women, that I will describe here in my journal, that we we will practice together in my retreats and online coaching programs and group coaching. Stay in contact to hear more about it:

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This can be an external or internal self massage with lots of awareness and love for your body, all the stored emotions and feelings, that may come up. Take your time on that and allow yourself to simply feel. 

Don´t thrive for an orgasm. If it happens, great. 

But the goal here is total awareness of what is being held in your womb space, releasing stuck energy and invite new sensations and pleasure into your womb and into your life. 

3. Womb Massage

1. Yoni Steaming

2. Self Pleasure To Heal The Womb

4. Meditation & Visualisation

5. Tao Tantra for Women and working with a Mentor

Another way to energetically clear and heal your womb is guided or self-guided meditations on the womb and visualizations.

Rub your hands to create energy and qi. Place your hands on top of your belly and womb. 

Bring this golden light into your womb space and feel it filling up your inner space. 

Visualize this golden light clearing blockages, unwanted stale and stuck energy, and releasing it with your breath. 

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Embrace the journey of reconnecting with your feminine essence

Download your free e-book now and embark on a transformative journey towards unlocking your blocked energy and embracing your true power.

A free guide from Embodiment and Self-discovery Mentor Tosca Elisabeth Peric

Tosca is committed to guiding and empowering women on their transformative journeys, offering her expertise and unwavering support along the way. She is specializing in balancing the sacred feminine & the sacred masculine, Tao Tantra for Women, and sacred sexuality. With private mentorships, retreats and group coaching, she empowers individuals to embrace their essence and experience profound personal growth.

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"Seriously the best decision to go on Tosca´s Retreat. Just do it."

I can’t begin to describe what a transformative week I had with Tosca at the private retreats. I ended up receiving so much more than I ever expected.

In Tosca’s capable hands, I was given a unique opportunity to challenge some of the long-held ideas and beliefs about myself that I didn’t even know I was carrying. I was provided a safe space to grieve and heal from wounds I thought were long buried. I was offered, patiently and consistently, an open and accepting heart as she gently guided me through a very difficult transition in my life.
I am grateful for her willingness to listen and hold space for me with so much love and compassion. Tosca truly has an exquisite gift and I highly recommend one of her retreats. If it doesn’t transform the way you approach your spirituality entirely, it will, at the very least, shift your perceptions of your deepest self and the way you view the world. You will leave with the feeling that your very soul was both heard and loved.

Paige, 1:1 private retreat


"Tosca creates the most welcoming non-judgmental environment. I walked away knowing that I am enough and that I will always have unconditional love within myself."

Branda, Self-love 1:1 Private Retreat


Branda, Self-love 1:1 Private Retreat


We covered so many aspects including limiting beliefs, emotional alchemy, shadow work. This was truly eye opening. I walked away knowing that I am enough and that I will always have unconditional love within myself. I don’t need to try and find it and approval in another person. I can be me and that is wonderful!

I really enjoyed waking my inner goddess. I have stuffed my inner goddess down for years. I have not truly let her out. With Tosca’s help through meditation and exercises. I was able to see her for the first time in a long time. I need to remember she is always there and let her out! I recognize she is truly beautiful, fun and adventurous.

I was carrying so much hurt and pain. This was causing my energy to be blocked. Tosca showed me through meditation and letting go exercises, I was able to release some of this hurt.
I enjoyed the Cacao ceremony. It really brought together all the sessions into a final ceremony that left a lifelong impression on me. I felt amazing at the end of the retreat. It couldn’t have been more perfect. Tosca also set up a Sound Healing for me which felt good. It really helped keep my energies flowing and focus on the me that is going to love herself going forward.

I would highly recommend this retreat for any woman that needs to remember who she is and that she is loved! Tosca creates the most welcoming non-judgmental environment. The accommodations were beautiful, warm and inviting. The food was amazing, beautiful and very healthy. a space where everyone can share, and everyone can heal.

"Tosca makes you feel so loved, seen, understood and felt"

We felt very encouraged by Tosca and each other. Tosca really supported us during the whole process. She shows a lot of compassion, especially for the ones needing more support. She was able to give each and every one of us what we needed from this program.

I went through a lot of feelings during this time, I connected to my soft energy, as well as to my powerful energy. This program is a space to really be open, to share, and to show, what is inside. Tosca really supports us to be open and to look inside, because sometimes it is scary to go through that process, to be ourselves, or to express ourselves and I think it's not an easy job to create a space where everyone can share, and everyone can heal.

Lin, Women of the wild retreat


"This retreat was everything that I needed and wished for and so much more."

Tosca, I want to thank you for this wonderful retreat and your coaching. It was all about the feminine energy, and you took care of each one of us. I was able to discover my soft energy, as well as my own power. we experienced true togetherness and you took care of us at all times. I really, really enjoyed being here and I opened my heart, I could really show some intimate things about myself feeling completely safe and supported. For this, I want to thank you, from all of my heart.

Miriam, group retreat



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