Yoga Retreat Tenerife

Warmly welcome

Yoga + Relax Holiday- Balm for the soul, body and mind 

Welcome dear Yogis and newcomers! I would like to invite you to relax and unwind in this wonderful, magical place.. All you have to do, is reserve your spot, book your flight and we do all the rest for you..   

Warmly welcome in Tenerife...

What´s included

Daily Yoga

Our yoga teacher Tosca is an experienced 500 hour certified yoga teacher with a focus on Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga. Tosca also has experience and training as a meditation teacher and personality development coach.

We practice yoga outside and inside the yoga retreat every day. The styles are Vinyasa Flow, Hatha and Yin Yoga. According to your level, Tosca always gives you variations of the poses and flows.

Our Services

Yummy, healthy vegan+ vegetarian meals homemade

Our food artists design delicious, healthy, vegan and vegetarian food for us every day. Everything that is prepared is organically grown and / or from the garden. If you have allergies, you are welcome to let us know before the retreat, we will change the menu for your special requirements.

Yoga Retreat Tenerife

Sound Healing

Let yourself be carried away in the individual sound healing sessions, let your imagination run wild, let yourself be inspired and just relax deeply in the sounds of drums, singing bowls, hangpan, flutes, gong and much more.

Yoga retreat tenerife

Meditate with us and learn techniques to calm down and unwind

Not only will you experience the pure relaxation of the meditations that we do, but you can also take these breathing and relaxation techniques home with you to practice and apply them when you need them. You will also receive a manual with instructions written by Tosca.

Yoga Retreat Tenerife

Sacred Cacao Ceremony

Cacao ceremonies bring clarity and focus to what is really important to us. The slightly euphoric effect of pure cocoa from South America inspires us to connect with our best version and to keep this connection. The cocoa and the subsequent guided meditation helps you to visualize, manifest and also to release blockages. (fair production, sustainable, we support farmers in South America)

Yoga Retreat Tenerife

Ecstatic Dance

In ecstatic dance we close our eyes and let ourselves be carried away by the music. We learn how to connect with our body and how to express what moves within us. We do a magical ecstatic dance session with live music.

Yoga Retreat Tenerife


We give you workshops on yoga, healthy cooking, self-love, trust in yourself, Sacred Feminie, Sacred Masculine, and Sacred Sexuality.

Yoga Retreat Tenerife

Covid Infos

We attach great importance to your safety. Everything is properly cleaned and disinfected. If you cannot arrive because your plane is canceled or the government decides, that they will not enter you to spain, your retreat will be credited as a voucher and you can come to another retreat free of charge. 

Yoga Retreat Tenerife

Quiet Location

In the very rural and quiet zone of Granadilla we can find the peace, sunshine and freedom that we need. The famous El Medano Beach is only 15 minutes away by car.

Yoga Retreat Tenerife


We do offer sacred sexuality workshop, dance medicine, the art of letting go with music therapy, embodiment and much more. 

Where will the retreat take place?

Discover beautiful Tenerife

Tenerife The name Tenerife comes from Guanche teni (mountain) + ife (snow) (literally snow mountain).

The island’s indigenous people, the Guanche Berbers, referred to the island as Achinet or Chenet in their language (variant spellings are found in the literature). According to Pliny the Younger, Berber king Juba II sent an expedition to the Canary Islands and Madeira; he named the Canary Islands for the particularly ferocious dogs (canaria) on the island. Juba II and the ancient Romans called the island of Tenerife Nivaria, from the Latin word nix (nsg.; gsg. nivis, npl. nives), meaning “snow”, after the snow-covered peak of the Mount Teide volcano. 

Tenerife is said to be the heart chakra of the canary islands. Every island stands for another chakra and therefore activates different things in us.

The accomodation


The lovely villa in Granadilla waits for you 

The owner put a lot heart into the renovation of the resort.

This accommodation is facilitated with 8 double rooms with single beds, 1 outdoor yoga decks and an indoor Shala with breathtaking ocean view, a spacious yoga living room, a jacuzzi, an outdoor finnish sauna, different layers of terrace gardens full of beautiful plants and tasty fruit, a sun terrace with lovely sun lounges, an open and honest kitchen, and quiet space to withdraw into yourself.

It also provides you with towels for the bathroom and the jacuzzi, yoga mats, soft cushions, and other accessories during the yoga and workshops.

The finca and the main accommodations offer:

➤ 8 yogi rooms at the location to host groups up to 21 people

➤ Jacuzzi

➤ Finnish Sauna

➤ sun deck with sun beds and comfortable seats

➤1 fully equipped outdoor yoga decks

➤indoor yoga shala with ocean view

➤in-house multipurpose yoga living room 

➤dining in- and outside

➤slow food – vegetarian + vegan kitchen

➤ organic meals and healthy bites

➤ delicious homemade drinks

➤ cooking workshop facilities

➤ different floors of terrace gardens with organic vegetables and fruits

➤ palm trees on your left and palm trees on your right

➤ outside terraces for dinner gatherings

➤ meditation and hangout spots across the terrain

➤ safe “silent” walking areas

➤ always a private spot for relaxing in the shade

➤ massage facilities 

➤ close to el Medano and beautiful beaches around

Choose your room

Choose your accomodation

Included are airport pickup, accommodation, yoga, meditations, workshops, cocoa ceremony, ecstatic dance, group coaching, hiking, sound healing session, 3 meals a day, drinks, detox juices, teas, healthy snacks, a relaxation and breathing exercise manual and a yoga and self-love GOODIEBAG

Retreat 3 Days

Twin room

1 Person
600 3 days
  • All inclusive
  • Get to know a new friend and companion and share a room
  • Normal price: €460
Early Bird

Private room

1 Person
700 3 days
  • All inclusive
  • Private room for yourself
  • Normal price: €520
Early bird

Private Twin Room

2 Persons
1100 3 days
  • All inclusive
  • Bring a friend/family member

Retreat 6 Days

Twin room

1 Person
1100 6 days
  • All inclusive
  • Get to know a new friend and companion and share a room

Private room

1 Person
1500 6 days
  • All inclusive
  • Private room for yourself

Private Twin Room

2 Persons
2100 6 days
  • All inclusive
  • Bring a friend/family member

* If you cannot come because of Corona, because your country or Spain has declared a state of emergency or is rated high and your flight is therefore canceled, your retreat will be credited as a voucher for the next retreat. 

Get to know to your host

Yogini Tosca

At the age of 13 Tosca did yoga for the first time with her aunt Elisabeth, who is also a yoga teacher. At the age of 19, she began to do yoga regularly and began to study Far Eastern philosophies. Tosca has been involved with yoga, meditation and mindfulness for almost 15 years. She has traveled around the globe several times over the past 5 years to learn new techniques, to do her yoga teacher training (500 hours in India), mediation teacher training (Thailand) and many workshops and training courses in Bali, Nepal, Cambodia, Spain and many other countries . With her calm and friendly charisma, she now teaches yogis and yoginis from all over the world in English, Spanish and her mother tongue German.

Host & ayurvedic Chef

Sabine traveled around the world, lived 6 years in Sri Lanka, where she learned the secrets of the ayurvedic kitchen. What she brings to the table is magic. Healthy, vegan and most importantly: tasty food, cooked with love, care and creativity. Please let us know, if you have any allergies. 

Do you have more questions? We are here for you!

Send a message or whatsapp me: +4915734895361