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Awaken your Divine Feminine Energies

Best Yoga Surf Trip Retreat Fuerteventura

Inner Queen: Everyone has an inner queen that is just waiting to be discovered. She stands for our strength, sagacity, and sovereignty. Yet occasionally, life interferes, and we lose sight of our regal ancestry. We let other people run our life, losing sight of our aspirations and objectives.


It’s time to reclaim your sovereignty, awaken your divine feminine energies and embrace your inner queen if you’re feeling stuck or overburdened. In this article, we’ll look at some effective strategies for finding your inner power, realizing your full potential, and governing your life with poise and confidence.

Awaken your Divine Feminine Energies​

1. Inner Queen: Connect with Your Inner Wisdom

Your inner queen is a knowledgeable and powerful entity who has a thorough awareness of your qualities as well as your flaws and wants. You need to calm down, take some time to yourself, and listen to your inner voice in order to connect with her.


You may access your inner knowledge and discover your life’s purpose through meditating, writing, and engaging in other mindfulness activities. Trust the answers that emerge when you ask yourself, “What does my inner queen desire for me?”

Reclaiming Your Sovereignty

2. Embrace Your Authenticity

Both you and your inner queen are one-of-a-kind and exceptional. Accept who you are, and don’t be afraid to let your light show. Keep in mind that you are worthy of love and respect just the way you are.


It’s simple to get caught up in judging ourselves against others or attempting to fit in, yet doing so just makes us appear less radiant. Instead, embrace your individuality and peculiarities and present as you truly are.

Awaken your Divine Feminine Energies​

3. Set Boundaries

A queen establishes definite boundaries to safeguard her time and energy because she is aware of her value. You must follow suit if you wish to recover your sovereignty. Prioritize self-care and learn to say “no” to activities that don’t benefit you.


This can be difficult, especially if you’re accustomed to prioritizing the needs of others. But keep in mind, you can’t pour from a cup that’s empty. You’ll have more energy and clarity to pursue your objectives and desires if you establish limits.


4. Self-Love

The basis of a queen’s rule is self-love. It involves treating oneself with respect, love, and compassion. Make time for self-care practices like meditation, exercise, or a soothing bath that will feed your body, mind, and spirit.


Don’t forget to acknowledge your successes and value your distinctive talents. Remember that you are deserving of love and happiness, and speak to yourself with kindness and compassion.

Awaken your Divine Feminine Energies​

Final Thoughts on Reclaiming your Sovereignty: How to embrace your inner queen

A queen never rules alone. She surrounds herself with trusted advisors and allies who support her vision and encourage her growth. Find a community of like-minded people who uplift and inspire you.


This could be a group of women, a mentor, a coach, or an online community. Surround yourself with people who believe in you and your dreams, and who will hold you accountable to your goals.

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Tosca guides the women in retreats and the goddess gang to a better understanding of themselves, to a deeper and loving connection with themselves. She coaches them in groups and individually the women and helps them to gain more clearance and self-confidence. Tosca traveled the last years many times around the globe, lived in Bali, India, Nepal and visited Thailand, and meditated with monks in a Buddhist monastery for the vipassana practice (sitting 10 days in silence in mediation for 8 hours/day and fasting for 20 hours a day), Cambodia and many other exotic places to deepen her practice and knowledge about Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, different philosophies, and mindsets. In her experiences as a world traveler and nomad she discovered her blockages and through the tools, she learned from her gurus, teachers, and herself she discovered ways to remove them and connect with her highest self and this is what she shares now with the women in the retreat.

Tosca has Yoga teacher certificates of 500 hours and she teaches Hatha, Yin, and Vinyasa Yoga.  She works as an empowerment and leadership coach for women, but also men. Her main topics are the sacred principles to connect with the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine in yourself and others, sacred sexuality, how to transform your sexual energy into life energy and how to rejuvenate yourself through this process. She gives private mentorships and group coaching.


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