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6 important green flags in relationships that you should know


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6 important green flags in relationships that you should know - PART I

We hear all the time about dating and relationship red flags, but I believe that it is important to know what you do want here are some healthy green flags in relationships: 

1. You are Friends, not just Lovers

One of the green flags in a relationship is you connect on an emotional, supporting, friendly and heartfelt level, the same as on a physical and sexual level. 

2. Know when they are getting triggered and know how to untrigger

They know their shadows and their triggers and also know how to deal with them and calm themselves down before taking it out on you or projecting their hurt, and traumas onto you or others. 

3. Know what type of support to ask for and also want to know how they can support you

They know what they need and wish for and they know how to ask for it. The same importance for them is the need to know how they can support you. 

green flags in relationships

4. Open and vulnerable communication is one of the green flags in relationships

Of course, open and vulnerable communication also requests some self-awareness and self-knowledge. They can communicate easily with you and others about their feelings and share vulnerable thoughts with their partner without hurting or blaming someone else. 

5. Boundaries are being respected

Another important relationship green flag is, that your and their boundaries are being respected and kept and they are not trying to convince you of sth, that is only in their interest. 

For example, you say, that you need some time for yourself or you don’t want to talk about it, once saying so is enough to be respected. Maybe this also takes a little practice in the beginning, I will be writing about setting healthy boundaries here.

6. Healthy Disagreements = emotionally validate your experience even if they don´t agree with it

They validate your experience even if they don’t agree with it is also another important green flag in relationships. That you have healthy disagreements in your relationship means that you value each other and love each other no matter what disagreements you have.  

Watch out not only for green flags in others but also in yourself 🙂

If you want to know more about relationships green flags, follow for PART II and PART III

I wish you lots of awareness.


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