healing power of touch


Healing Trauma Through the Power of Touch

Trauma can negatively influence our physical, emotional, and mental health, as well as have a significant and long-lasting effect on our lives.

However, there is hope for rehabilitation and healing, and the power of touch is a potent instrument in this process.

Healing Trauma Through the Power of Touch ​

Research has revealed that touch may significantly affect both our physical and emotional wellbeing. Touch is a basic human need.

Our bodies release oxytocin, a hormone linked to sentiments of love and trust, when we get loving and caring contact. This can lessen tension and anxiety while increasing emotions of comfort and safety.

healing power of touch

Touch can be beneficial to our physical health in addition to the emotional benefits. For instance, massage treatment has been demonstrated to enhance circulation, lessen pain and stiffness in the muscles, and enhance sleep.

Healing through the power of touch 

Touch has the potential to be an effective therapy for trauma recovery. Massage treatment or other types of bodywork can assist to relieve the stress that many individuals who have suffered trauma carry in their bodies and encourage relaxation. Instilling a sense of safety and trust via touch can be beneficial for those who have suffered trauma.

trauma release healing touch

Mindfulness and the healing power of touch

Meditation and other mindfulness techniques can assist people in focusing on the here and now and finding inner peace. 

People who have undergone trauma may find this helpful since it can help them stay in the current moment rather than dwelling on their previous suffering. 

Additionally, mindfulness exercises can assist to increase emotions of inner calm and wellbeing while lowering stress and anxiety.


To create a comprehensive therapeutic experience during our retreats, we integrate embodiment, self-touch techniques, and mindfulness techniques. This can involve bodywork techniques like reiki, yoga, meditation, and massage treatment. We provide a secure and encouraging atmosphere so that you may start to recover from your trauma. Come to a retreat with us to discover the advantages of embodiment, the healing power of self-touch, and mindfulness for yourself.

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