Holistic Yoga Selflove retrats

The inner muse

Personal and spiritual empowerment Retreats

Inner Muse is inspiring women finding back their inner power, their magic, their self-trust.

Inner Muse is a mindful approach to create awareness, and inspire women to come into the flow state, in their feminine, do daily tasks mindfully, sustainable and resourceful, in this deeply healing space. to take rest, slow down, allow rest, balancing your nervous system, connecting with your creativity, that is deeply rooted n your being


Cultivating an inner landscape, that creates self-trust allows honest self-reflection, resting yourself, allowing us to flow, accept and appreciate.


Holistic Yoga Selflove retreats

The inner muse

Personal and spiritual empowerment


Inner Muse is about creating a sustainable life and soul businness with holistic habits, in balance between the hustle of daily life without abandoning yourself.

It´s time for a new area. An area, where we connect with our inner energy, our inner muse, and where we act from an empowered place. We don’t want to overwork ourselves anymore, follow the rules, or learn another e-mail marketing strategy. we want to connect with our inner peace, our radiance, our lifeforce, our love, peace, passion, and purpose. 

We want to live a sustainable, conscious, purposeful life. This reflects in our relationships, entrepreneurship, work, self-trust, and the whole community. 

May this space fill you with inspiration and serve as an invitation to life your fullest expression of health, love, passion and self-trust.

Holistic Yoga Selflove retreats

Welcome to
The musing revolution

Personal and spiritual empowerment

What my clients say

Reviews from our last retreat

This retreat opened my eyes to a new world in which I am able to allow myself to love and accept myself fully and embody my truth. I am beyond grateful that I trusted and decided to let myself be guided by the inner muse. Thank you so much!

Choose your room

Choose your accomodation

Included are accommodation, yoga, meditations, workshops, group coaching, hiking, sound healing session, 3 meals a day, drinks, detox juices, teas, healthy snacks, a relaxation and breathing exercise manual, and a yoga.

Retreat 6 Days

Twin room

1 Person
1100 6 days
  • All inclusive
  • Get to know a new friend and companion and share a room

Private room

1 Person
1500 6 days
  • All inclusive
  • Private room for yourself

Private Twin Room

2 Persons
2800 6 days
  • All inclusive
  • Bring a friend/family member

Cultivating an overall sustainable life, for yourself, society, relationships, business and the environment.

giving back women empowerment inner muse

A safe space, where you are allowed to unravel all parts of you and connect, with what is your highest truth, and access higher states of well-being.

a new and gentle approach for a lifetyle, that nourishes and cultivates self-trust, self-knowledge and connection.

A safe space, where you are allowed to unravel all your parts and connect, what is your highest truth, and access higher states of well-being.

Inner Muse shares everything, that nourishes emotionally, physically and mentally (intellectually) and spiritually

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We are giving back

giving back women empowerment inner muse

We are supporting projects, that help girls and women around the world

With every retreat, online coaching program or group coaching we are giving back and donating to help girls to be able to live their childhood, women around the world, so they become self sustainable, are able to go to school and have a job, that sustains them and their families in a fair way. 


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