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Retreat Terms and Conditions 2023

We put so much love, care and energy into each and every retreats. We are a small business and we work independently. Please be aware of, that in order to grand that our retreats can take place, we have to make a non-recoverable payment weeks before the retreat in order to grant your stay. Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully before you book. By booking or transferring the deposit, you confirm, that you have read the Terms and Conditions. 

Reservation & Deposit

When you decide to reserve your spot for one of our INNER MUSE Retreats, we ask you to for a non-refundable deposit of 500 EUR. Your booking is officially confirmed, once we have received your deposit. The 500 EUR also counts as a downpayment on the total amount. 

Remaining Payment

Please be sure to pay the remaining payment no later than 6 weeks before the retreat starts to hold your reservation. You can an alarm or reminder in your calendar. If we do not receive the remaining payment from you on time, we have no choice but to make your spot available again and you will forfeit your deposit. No refund, no exception.

Retreat Cancelation Policy

Should you cancel with more than 6 weeks until the retreat date, we charge a 250 EUR cancellation fee and you will be credited 250 EUR for another retreat that same year. Should you cancel between 6 and 2 weeks of the retreat date, you will forfeit the 500 EUR deposit and the rest will be refunded. Under no circumstance will there be any refunds given for cancellation requests made within 14 days of the retreat date. No expectations. We ensuring, that the retreat can take place by non-refundable payments, that´s why we cannot refund you, even positively tested to COVID-19,  health conditions, family or work emergencies, bad weather, or change of mind, unforeseen circumstances such as strikes, weather circumstances, and missed, delayed or canceled flights. The retreat fees remain non-refundable. 

If you arrive late or need to leave your retreat early, you will not receive any refund on the remaining time of your scheduled stay.

Travel Insurance

We do only allow guests on the retreat, that have an international health & travel insurance, that covers COVID related cancellations and covers medical care and transport home if needed. During the retreat you will evaluate by yourself, if you are in the mental, emotional and physical shape to participate in the excersises, hikes, yoga, meditations, movements, excursions etc. You are responsable for your actions and only you can evaluate if you are able to participate. 

Your behavior

Of course we assume, that every guest will be respectful to others and the properties of others, the retreat venue. Throughout your booking, with INNER MUSE you accept full liability for any damage or loss caused by you or any of your guests. Terms.

We have no liability for loss or expenses suffered caused by you or your party to the supplier’s property (retreat’s venue). This includes but is not limited to loss of anticipated earnings, profits, goodwill, reputation, business receipts or contracts, losses or expenses, resulting in third-party claims.

Your responsibility

Our retreats can have a transformational effect, but it depends on you! You are responsible for your success in the retreat. Your energy, words, engagement and thoughts influence the group, so please always act in the best for the group. 

If we believe your actions could cause danger, upset, or annoyance to other customers, guests or staff, we may terminate your booked arrangements immediately. In this event, we cannot pay compensation, make refunds or pay any expenses you suffer as a result.

Our code of ethics terms

  1. Be respectful 
  2. Please be on time every day. Come prepared for the classes and give your best. If you book private coaching sessions and you are more than 10 minutes late, the coaching session will be canceled and not refunded. 
  3. Have an open mind, an open heart. Be open to new teachings and let new ideas in. Please don’t be ignorant or judgmental, we will not tolerate such behavior. We are creating a safe space for participants to explore and feel themself. 
  4. Be honest, speak honestly. 
  5. Don’t assume. Ask always: Is this what I understand? Please avoid drama or conflicts. 
  6. Don’t gossip or speak negatively about participants, teachers or other people in or outside the retreat. 
  7. We keep everything confidential from the retreat to ensure a safe space. 
  8. take responsibility and sovereignty to complete your tasks and your exercises. You are responsable for the outcome of this retreat, training, or teacher training. We give you the tools. You have to use them and integrate them. If you don’t participate in the exercises, please don’t expect success or changes. It lays in your hands. We are only the guides. We cannot change your life. It is obvious, but still some believe that a transformational retreat is sth that happens to them, rather than that they are actively engaging in the change and transformation.
  9. stay committed to the goals of retreat, training, or teacher training. Why did you come here? Please focus on your desired outcome in order to have the best results. 
  10. this retreat, training or teacher training is for you to invest in your personal and/or professional life, we do not allow you to use the time for your business, film, photograph or document your journey in the retreat. The use of professional cameras, tripods or filming during the classes is not allowed. We also do not allow phones or cameras during the classes. Please be aware, that you cannot photograph or film other participants, without their consent. You are not allowed to do any kind of work during the retreat, including any kind of promotion of products, brands or services. We are having professional photographers on the retreat, that will later give photos for free or to be purchased from them. Please respect the privacy of other guests and please don’t do any phonecalls while on the retreat. Phone calls are not allowed in or around the retreat space, so  if it is unavoidable for you to make a phone call, please go outside of the retreat space and be sure to not disturb anyone. Thank you! 
  11. If you have questions please always let us know. 
  12. If you have suggestions on how you could imagine your stay more pleasant, please let us know during the retreat, not afterwards. 



We reserve the right to remove a participant from the retreat if their behavior is disruptive, no refunds given.
INNER MUSE reserves the right to keep a guest liable if she brings damage to the house, nature, or belongings.
INNER MUSE reserves the right the change the program, timetables, teachers, or team members at all times. 


There are no refunds for the online teachings. We are so confident, that you will love it! 

Special requests and medical problems

Please understand, that this retreat or online teaching is not for individuals with mental illness or seizure disorders or use major medications, as we do exercises that are not compatible. Our retreats are not a medical, or psychological facilities. 

Thank you for understanding and respecting our Terms and Conditions. 


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