Why Sensibility Is Your Superpower

Sensibility is your superpower, here´s why

Why Sensibility is your superpower, here are eight reasons why

I used to think I had to hide one of my biggest gifts: my sensibility. For years, I believed that showing vulnerability and embracing my emotional depth was a sign of weakness. It seemed like the world favored those who could keep a stoic demeanor, who didn’t let their feelings show. So, I kept my sensitivity tucked away, not realizing the incredible power it held.

Then, a few years ago, everything changed. It came as a sudden insight to me. I started to see my sensitivity not as a flaw, but as a unique superpower. It allowed me to connect deeply with others, empathize on a profound level, and truly understand the intricate emotions that color our human experiences.

Embracing my sensitivity became a transformative journey. I began to use it as a compass, guiding me toward meaningful connections and endeavors. In my personal relationships, I found that my ability to listen and offer genuine support created bonds that were unbreakable. You can read more related stories on my blog here.

As a coach, being super sensitive gives me the unique power to empathize with my clients, helping them on a profound level by providing them with exactly what they need. I can attune to their emotions, grasp their unspoken concerns, and guide them through their journey with an intuitive touch. This sensitivity isn’t a vulnerability; it’s a wellspring of strength that allows me to create authentic connections and facilitate transformative growth. It’s like having an extra layer of perception that enables me to perceive the nuances beneath the surface, ultimately making my coaching approach more effective and impactful.

I realized that my sensitivity was a bridge between hearts, allowing me to offer solace, encouragement, and understanding to those around me.

In my work, my sensitivity turned out to be a remarkable asset. It allowed me to perceive nuances that others might overlook, making me adept at noticing shifts in emotions, unspoken concerns, and hidden potentials. This enabled me to provide tailored solutions and insights that truly resonated with people.

Over time, I started to notice how my sensitivity wasn’t a weakness at all. It is a superpower that gave me the ability to create deep connections, facilitate transformative healing conversations, and contribute to a more compassionate world. Rather than hiding it, I began to embrace my sensitivity wholeheartedly.

So, if you’ve ever felt like your sensitivity is a burden, I encourage you to look at it from a different angle. It’s not a sign of weakness; it’s a sign of strength. It’s a superpower that allows you to navigate the complex tapestry of human emotions, understand, support, and bring light to those around you. Your sensitivity is your gift, and the world is waiting for you to share it boldly.

Navigating the world for a sensible person can be tough as it is challenging to give opinions without worrying about the outcome and how it will impact others. Most people hide their sensibility beneath a mask without realizing that being sensible is a huge gift. It is our subtler feelings that inform us of our decisions, empower us to find solutions to complex problems, and help us read people better. Here are the reasons for sensibility your superpower.

1. Ability to pick up on all the five senses.

 A highly sensitive person can pick up on every sense; hearing, taste, smell, touch, and sight in a magnified way. Sensible people seem to have superhuman senses compared to the normal human senses. Everything to them seems to seem heightened. Sounds like the ticking of the clock to them becomes loud.

2. Sensible people can read others easily.

Sensible people tend to know much about a person without being told. They do not read minds but will always know when you are lying to them or pretending to be happy when you are not. Sensible people will see past the mask you put on. This a superpower

3. With sensibility comes a big responsibility

The ability to be sensible comes with a feeling of huge responsibility to the world. Sensible people carry the weight of the human experience of all that is good, bad, dark, and light. Highly sensible people are the bookkeepers if humanity is spread spectrum.

No doubt, your ability to float and not feel like a “deadweight” comes from staying connected from deep within your core.

4. Sensible people are good team players.

Another reason why sensibility is your superpower is that the ability of sensible people to take others’ feelings into account and think through a complex problem makes them exceptional team members. They use their gifts of assembling input and analyzing them and gathering the opinions of others for the final call.

5. Sensibility comes with creative powers.

As a creative person, you are deeply in tune with the inner world due to being sensible, which often leads to fascinating breakthroughs, a unique sense of clarity, and innovative solutions. Most people tend to turn to these sensible people for inspiration when they are stuck.

Sensibility your super power

6. Sensibility is a gift of Communication.

The career journey of sensible people usually blossoms as they usually communicate effectively because they are attuned to subtle gestures and tone. They don’t hear the words coming out of people’s mouths.

7. Attention to detail

Most highly sensitive people can anticipate the needs of others as well as situations. For example, in job interviews and negotiations, they are most likely to anticipate the interview questions—this is a great power for success.

A highly sensitive person with strong emotions might feel like a heavy burden at times, but the truth is that sensibility is a huge superpower as it is an untapped value that, if used well, can result in success in life.

Sensibility is your superpower, here´s why


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