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How to sucessfully silence the inner critic

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How to silence the inner critic

what is the inner critic?

The inner critic is basically fear and the limiting beliefs, that you have learned as a kid, teenager or young adult, that have manifested into your personality and you are today here to identify, challenge and change them into sth positive. 

We are not born with an inner critic

Our most natural expression is creativity, later on in life, we learn, that the output of our creativity could disturb other people´s visions or they would judge us. Because we have learned that this can happen, we implented the critisising voice of parents, teachers, older siblings or whoever into our head and be our own critic, so we are trying to not get critisised by others. Later on in life this is a big challenge, cause we also stopping ourself from taking steps, that are in our creative nature and our soul path. We should address our fears and really listen to the voice of our inner critic to become aware, if she/he/they is/are actually right or they just want to protect us and therefore disableing our own creativity and flow in life. 

how to silence your inner critic

Bring the negative self-talk to a neutral stand point. It’s simple but requires consistency. you will see it works! Automatically when you are concious about your thoughts from neutral you can shift to positive.

The focus really lays on shifting to neutral stand points. Instead of saying “Omg i am so ugly and overweight, noone s gonna love me” bring your thoughts to: “My body is doing amazing work every day and brings me to all the places and bodyfunctions I need in my life right now” . If we change too fast to  positive thoughts, your inner critic may not believe your active thoughts and then we will start all over again. And this is, what we dont want. Small little rewirements of the brain are here very important. 

Get your journal out (or a piece of paper) to adress your inner critic

Get your journal out and start to answer theese journal promts onto paper . The second step is then to change your current negative believes into neutral ones, as we learned above in my article. Ready? Let´s go!

Inner healing

Try to journal every evening and think about when your inner critic took over

The inner critic loves to run the show and he/she/it/they will take over whenever we are unaware or simply doing things like we do them daily and are on autopilot anyways. Little steps to become aware, mindful and concious about our thoughts will change the game the inner critic will show up!

You are not your inner voice!

This voice that you hear in your head, that tells you that you are not good enough is NOT YOU! This is the big difference: Identifiying with this voice or saying to yourself: ah my inner Karen is again talking bu****it. 

Take a step back and listen to your inner Karen and then say to yourself: I am the observer of my thoughts. You will see. He/she/it/they will stop.

The inner critic has mostly the voice or the same way to express themselfes as a caregiver from your childhood

Have you noticed, that the voice of your inner critic has a similar voice, expression, way of talking or way of drama that your childgiver had, when you were a child? Let that sink in…

how to silence your inner critic

Meditation can help you immense with identifying and lowering your inner critic´s voice

Try my free meditation or join my meditation course that is online righ now here. 

I wish you a very insightful time with your journal and the journal promts.

I´m Tosca Elisabeth Peric

I help intuitive beings, connecting with your life force energy (shakti, chi) to stay in an open heart, overflow with love, connect with your sexual energies and desires, grow your confidence and your life. 

I believe in your magic. 

I’m helping you activate your inner goddess/god

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