The Art of Embodiment: How to Bring Mindfulness to Your Daily Life

Being completely present in your body and establishing a connection with your physical, emotional, and spiritual selves is a technique known as embodiment. It’s about developing a greater sense of self-awareness and learning to listen to the wisdom of your body. Regular embodiment practice can help you feel more at ease and balanced in your everyday life, allowing you to handle the strains and demands of modern life with greater grace.

6 The Art of Embodiment: How to Bring Mindfulness to Your Daily Life

Through mindfulness exercises, you may start bringing embodiment into your daily life in one of the easiest ways possible. Being completely present, involved, and judgment-free in the here and now is mindfulness. You may begin to develop a stronger feeling of self-awareness and embodiment by incorporating mindfulness into routine tasks like eating, walking, and even doing the dishes.

Try adding embodiment activities like yoga, breath-work, and meditation to your daily schedule if you’re trying to increase your mindfulness and self-awareness. You may start to change your everyday life and have a greater feeling of contentment and well-being by making little daily changes.

Embodiment is a journey, rather than a destination. 

How to tap into your embodiment

Set aside some time every day to practice embodiment. Starting with only a few minutes each day and then increasing the duration as you get more accustomed to the exercise might be beneficial.

Start by becoming conscious of your breathing. Take a few calm, deep breaths and concentrate on how your body feels as the breath enters and exits.

Perform a series of mild stretches or yoga poses on your body. This can aid in relieving stress and anxiety while raising your awareness of various body areas.

Put mindfulness exercises into your everyday schedule. This might involve engaging in mindful activities like eating or walking, or it could just mean setting aside some time each day to sit motionless and concentrate on your breathing.


Engage in self-analysis and introspection on your way to embodiment. Spend some time thinking about how your body is feeling and what could be causing any stress or discomfort.

Engage in regular routines that include embodiment exercises like yoga, breath-work, and meditation. You may start to change your everyday life and have a greater feeling of contentment and well-being by making little daily changes.

In order to comprehend the complexities and subtleties of the practice and to receive individualized instruction and support, look for an embodiment instructor or coach who can lead you through the process.

How working with embodiment coach Tosca can guide and support you on your journey

Our host, Tosca is an accomplished embodiment yoga instructor and coach who can assist you in incorporating the art of embodiment into your day-to-day activities. You may learn from her how to apply various embodiment techniques, like yoga, breath-work, and meditation, to develop a greater sense of self-awareness and to improve your ability to be attentive and present in your day-to-day activities.

One of the key benefits of working with Tosca to develop your embodiment practice is that she is able to incorporate a variety of different practices and modalities into your experience. This might include yoga postures and sequences, pranayama (breathing techniques), and meditation practices, as well as coaching sessions that help you to identify and work through any limiting beliefs or patterns that may be holding you back.


Working with Tosca can also help you incorporate embodiment techniques into your everyday life in a sustainable and manageable way. You can book a 1:1 discovery call, or book a customizable 1:1 retreat with her and her team or join a group retreat or group coaching program online. 

I wish you lots of self-love and awareness.


I´m Tosca Elisabeth Peric

I help intuitive beings, like you, connecting with your life force energy (shakti, chi) to stay in an open heart, overflow with love, connect with your sexual energies and desires, grow your confidence and your life. Through embodiment work, breath-work, somatic healing techniques, yoga and guided meditations. 

I believe in your magic. 

I’m helping you activate your inner goddess/god

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Founder of goddess gang

Hey beautiful soul

I am Tosca and I will guide you

I help you to connect your creative, feminine flow energy with inner strength, so you can create the life of your dreams.

Tosca guides the women in retreats and the goddess gang to a better understanding of themselves, to a deeper and loving connection with themselves. She coaches them in groups and individually the women and helps them to gain more clearance and self-confidence. 

Tosca traveled the last years many times around the globe, lived in Bali, India, Nepal and visited Thailand, and meditated with monks in a Buddhist monastery for the vipassana practice (sitting 10 days in silence in mediation for 8 hours/day and fasting for 20 hours a day), Cambodia and many other exotic places to deepen her practice and knowledge about Yoga, Meditation, Tantra, Mindfulness, different philosophies, and mindsets. 

In her experiences as a world traveler and nomad she discovered her blockages and thought through the tools she learned from her gurus, teachers, and herself she discovered ways to remove them and connect with her highest self and this is what she shares now with the women in the retreat.

 Tosca has Yoga teacher certificates of 500 hours and she teaches Hatha, Yin, and Vinyasa Yoga.  She works as an empowerment and leadership coach for main women, but also men. Her main topics are the sacred principles to connect with the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine in yourself and others, sacred sexuality, how to transform your sexual energy into life energy, and how to rejuvenate yourself through this process. She gives private mentorships and group coaching.

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