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How The Body Stores Emotions

Best Yoga Surf Trip Retreat Fuerteventura

If we try to repress our emotions, they can manifest in physical ways, such as headaches, chest pain, and digestive issues. This is because we subconsciously store these suppressed emotions within specific areas of our bodies. For the benefit of our health, we must recognize these emotions are there – even if we don’t want to feel them.

When we stuff our feelings down instead of dealing with them, they will always reappear in one way or another. That’s why it is essential to recognize how emotions are held within our bodies – and to take steps to process them healthily.

How the body stores emotions

How The Body Stores Emotions

Emotions are often stored in the fascia – the web of connective tissue that surrounds our organs and muscles. This means any feelings we hold onto, whether anger, sadness, fear, or joy, can be stored in our physical body. Past emotional traumas can trigger physical sensations and pain, and these emotions will stay with us until we process them.

Each emotion has a connection to a particular body part. Body mapping can help us understand the relationship between our emotions and physical sensations. Let’s take a look at where our bodies often store certain emotions, so you can then draw up your own body map:

This is achieved when both energies are respected, acknowledged, and valued. You must recognize that they have their own strengths and weaknesses, but together they can create something powerful and beautiful. 

How the body stores emotions

1. Anger - Lower back and Jaw

Anger is often stored in the body’s core – our center of strength and stability.

This can manifest as tightness or pain in the jaw and lower back, especially when trying to contain or suppress our anger.

Issues with our gallbladder and liver can also be linked to anger – which may add to any lower back issues.


2. Sadness - Chest and Shoulders

Emotions of sadness can cause us to feel heavy or weighed down in our chest, shoulders, and throat.

These physical sensations are a sign that we need to process our emotions, so they don’t compound into depression or anxiety. 


3. Fear - Stomach, Intestines, and Bowel

Fear can cause us to feel tense or tight in our stomach area, as well as an urge to go to the bathroom.


You’ve likely heard of the saying ‘I feel sick to my stomach’ or of someone losing control of their bowels in a scary situation.


This is because fear is stored in our digestive system, which can lead to physical stress in this area of the body.


5. Joy - Heart and Solar Plexus

Whether we are full of happiness and joy or lacking in that department – we can feel it in our hearts and solar plexus.

Our solar plexus is responsible for confidence and self-esteem, so if you’re feeling down, it can manifest as a knot or tight sensation in this area.

On the flip side, when we feel joy and happiness, our hearts will often open up to let that energy flow through us.

How the body stores emotions

6. Loss of Control - Head, Neck, and Upper Back

When we lack control, our body will often tense up in the head, neck, and upper back area,

leading to headaches and muscle tension.

This is because our head also houses many of our senses – such as sight, smell, and hearing.

Tension in this area can indicate that you need to take back control of a situation or make steps toward a specific goal.


How to Process Your Emotions

The first step is acknowledging that the emotion exists instead of trying to push it away or deny its presence. Once you understand that your body is storing emotions, take a moment to become aware of what physical sensations are happening in each area.

Through breathing, movement, and meditation, you can help release these emotions and process them. When we note the areas of our body holding tension and actively work to relieve it, we can begin to heal from whatever traumas or stressors have been affecting us.

Remember: Your body has its own wisdom, and by actively listening to what it’s telling you, you can start healing – both emotionally and physically. So take the time to really tune into your natural responses, and you will soon open up and let go of any stored emotions.

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How the body stores emotions

Final Thoughts on Where The Body Stores Emotions

Recognizing these physical sensations is the first step in understanding how our bodies store emotions. Creating your own body map allows you to discover the connection between your feelings and bodily sensations. If you are struggling to access these emotions and want to explore them further, you may benefit from joining one of my wellness retreats. 

Together we will delve into body-mind practices such as yoga, meditation, pranayama breathing, and more – so you can start to tap into your own internal wisdom and use it to heal. 

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